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A large choice of high quality Fiebing's leather dyes, finishes and leather care products. 

Fiebing's leather dyes, leather patinating and leather care products have been for decades international standard with leather crafters.

Fiebing's - Horse & Leather Care Products' has been founded in 1895 by John Fiebing and he made it his business to constantly develop innovative products. This target is still being met today.  
PATIN-A presents a wide range of Fiebing products: from leather dye and leather finishes to perfect leather care (including accessories). 

Special Offers

Barefoot Tape XXL - Complete Set
Kinesio-Tape XXL & PATIN-TEX Mini & KinesioTape Pretaping Spray & KinesioTape Remover Spray ✔︎ the good barefoot set ✔︎ for outdoor shoots without shoes ✔︎

Content: 5 Piece (€4.69* / 1 Piece)

iDye Poly - Polyester Textile Dye - Jacquard
16 iDye Poly colour tones - the textile dye for intensive dyeing of polyester ✔︎ Low-priced - goes a long way! ☆ Dye up to 1.3kg of fabric with one pack ☆

Content: 14 Kilogram (€0.57* / 1 Kilogram)

The most important colour tones plus a perfect paint brush in the low-priced set ✔︎ PATIN-PASTE - perfect results ✔︎ Wonderful distressings in no time at all ✔︎

Content: 2 Litre (€17.48* / 1 Litre)

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