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About Us

PATIN-A - a Very Special Shop

When people ask us what we sell we always reply: "Dirt for clothing", thus causing incredulous and amused looks on their faces.
Who wants to spend money on something they can have for free - and naturally so?
Sooner or later, dirt will come by itself to every garment - sometimes more, sometimes less.

Fortunately (for us) there are people in the film business and at theatres who do not want to do without our dirt anymore.
They are the staff of the costume departments!
Costumes need special treatment to be brought to life.

Our PATIN-A products breathe new life in a dead, sterile garment, thus allowing the actor to shine in a costume with an authentic appeal.

We - that is Jürgen Knoll and Frank Baer along with a group of co-workers who keep the shop running.

PATIN-A was founded in 2006

For almost two years, we developed a variety of distressing products that are unique worldwide. In addition, we test all new products extensively before they are added to the PATIN-A range.
Thanks to Jürgen Knoll's professional experience as a costume designer, we at PATIN-A know the job and the special needs and requirements of the costume departments.

Along with our distressing products, we carry a large selection of tools and aids that simplify work in the costume department.
For that purpose, we purchase exciting products from all over the world or develop equipment that is tailored to the needs of the costume departments and which is specially manufactured by national and international suppliers.

Leather crafters at home and abroad are thrilled by our wide range of Fiebing's products.

We would like to thank you for having stayed with us for over 15 years now and hope that we may be able to keep supporting you at work and at home. 

And should you not know us yet, we would be very happy to welcome you soon as our new customer. 

Any questions?