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Aging, weathering and soiling costumes beautifully great with our professional costume distressing products

Our distressing products department supports professionals and future professionals when it comes to distressing costumes, since we provide all the gear required and lots of knowhow, too. We've also become in the last few years quite indispensable for art departments (for instance for Theaters, Operas, Films, LARP, Cosplay or Reenactments). Thanks to our PATINA products (PATINWAX, PATIN-CREME, PATINPOWDER, PATINFINISH, PATINPASTE, PATINGEL, PATINOIL, PATIN-MUD and PATINSNOW) all can be beautifully aged, soiled, dyed, destroyed or weathered. With these high quality products you can also very easily achieve SFX distressings. UltraWet and UltraSweat are important products in the international film business and have been imported specially from the U.S.A. DirtyDown-Sprays from England and SFX sprays (frost spray and cob web spray) Condor from Italy complete our range. Leather dyes and textile dyes should also be mentioned here, but we decided to let these important products have their own department for the sake of more clarity. Be inspired by the wide choice of PATINA products, of special distressing supplies and other aids and devices for your upcoming or current project.


High quality shoe and leather dye supplies…

In this important section we are happy to serve costume designers as well as saddlers, hallmarkers. leather artists, fine saddlers and shoe makers. The Fiebing's company from Milwaukee, USA, is the biggest manufacturer of leather dyes and leather finishes worldwide. Fiebing's products have become an integral part of the PATINA assortment, for that reason we have extremely broadened our range of leather products over the past few years. It is not surprising that Fiebing's Leather Dyes ('Fiebing's Prof. Oil Dye' and 'Fiebing's Leather Dye') have become international standard in leather crafts. They're so good that even craftsmen from other professions use these exceptionally deeply penetrating dyes to dye woods and other materials. You will not be able to find equivalent care products or finishes from other manufacturers. Fiebing's are continually developing new products but also keep the 'old' products that have, some of them, been developed over a hundred years ago and are still being used today. Quality speaks for itself. Tan Kote, Bag Kote, Neatsfoot Oil, Acrylic Resolene Finish, Leather Sheen, Leather Balm with Atom Wax etc. are just a few products from the wide range of products for refining and finishing surfaces.We also have a big choice of edge dyes and edge finishes (for instance Edge Kote, DuraEdge, Edge Enamel, Gum Tragacanth etc.) That makes it easy for anyone to pick their favorite product! And we also carry in this section a wide variety of other products by different manufacturers (Sedgwick, Fabsil, Revivex, Joma, Alpenheat, Smartheel, Woly etc.)


Fantastic dyes for your clothes …

Our textile dyes by DEKA, Jayquard and ypro are very popular with theater and film costume departments who love these high quality pigmented dyes for dyeing their elaborate costumes and props. The choice of colour tones for machine dyes and hand dyes is huge. All shades mix well together and you can achieve any colour tone you like. No matter whether you want to re-dye costumes or your wardrobe, tie-dye or attenuate colours at PATINA's you will always find the right dye. We also have the suitable wash bottles, rubber bands and ziplocks for tie-dye in our range. For dye preparation there is DEKA Textil Fit Finishing Remover and for fixing the colour in the fabric DEKA Textile Fixative 111L this product has the ability to fix dyes from all brands and also natural dyes.

Moreover we have directly from the dyes manufacturer DYLON 'DYLON PreDye' to discolour the fabric slightly before redyeing. Forget about Domestos, Klorix and all the other chlorine cleaners they were not designed for clothes and will destroy the fibers during bleaching! Our special fabric colour strippers suitable for various fibers are much gentler for removing unwanted colours permnantly. Whether reviving dull whites or a complete discolouration it's a breeze with DYLON and K2r! In our 'dyeing section' you will find all the useful equipment and tools for the perfect dyeing!


Thermopads and helpers for all weather conditions…

The ideal weather conditions are a rare thing when shooting: summers are too cold and it's even colder in winter the actors are always freezing...But that should be no problem with our absolutely fantastic warmers by MyCoal and Thermopad: hand warmers, body warmers, toe warmers and foot warmers in two different sizes (all are self active pads which you simply shake)! Our ConTa thermal underwear made of a new wool and cotton mix or angora/cotton is very high quality but still gentle to your budget. Gentle to your skin, too, and children love them. (it's all MEDIMA-quality!). ConTa functional underwear provides great feelings of comfort and softness to the skin at an unbeatable price! Other fantastic warmers in our range which we can strongly recommend are the beautifully designed capes and wraps by Convicape. They're very stylish for cold shooting days and also for coffee on the patio! If you prefer the 'old school' way to keep warm, pick your favourite hot water bottle within our wide selection. Our hot water bottles (they come with or without cover, in your favourite colour, too!) are high quality products by Saenger. They provide cosy warmth and should always be at hand. All these thermal products are Made in Germany.


A well organised department the organisation section:

The most important products to start and organise a production are to be found here from fitting tags (Manilla Tags) which can be fastened with rubber bands to the triedon costumes, to note role names, alterations for the dressmakers, costume continuity and other important things to a great variety of different garment bags to store and carry the finished costume, we offer many beautiful things in this department to make work easier. Apart from the aforementioned products see here for the useful RemyTiketten (file tags) to organize your script. We also carry a whole variety of clothes rail dividers (size dividers) to make sure that your costume room, the stock and costume van will be kept tidy at all times, during preparation and fittings. Belt rings to sort props and belts, tagging guns (amongst others the Mark III by Avery or the Golden 'A') and tag pins which come in many colours use a different colour for each costume department! The Microstitch tagging gun has become absolutely essential on every set or during preparation! Quickly mend a seam invisibly or 'tag' a button only Microstitch can do that! And don't forget our wide choice of bags which you will need for preparation: draw string bags and reclosable zip lock bags come in many different sizes, we carry two types of see through plastic bags, not to mention our wonderful tartan tote bags in sizes small to huge the perfect carrying bag!


I'm working on the set and I need…

....lots of things! And the first thing to do is to turn to PATIN-A and their amazing range of great products, useful tools and ingenious helpers. It's mystifying! The wardrobe at films can do real magic in no time with (costume) equipment they carry in their bags and cases. They seem to be prepared at all times for every crazy situation. We at PATIN-A are very happy to help discover and provide the newest products from all over the world. PATINA imports and manufactures things that should not be missing in your set bag: We carry a great variety of glues from body glue (wig adhesives, fashion tape, roll on body glue) to textile glue (Texfix) and instant glue. Let us help when it comes to dressing and keeping the costumes clean even when the make up has already been applied (thanks to MakeUp Protection Covers). Putting on of tight boots is not a problem any longer with our special lubricant. With different coloured dress shields your shirt will always remain dry.

The cleaning and stain removal products have been specially tailored to meet the wishes of the costume department: DeoGo from Scotland fights sweat stains, Travel Was from England, K2R Stain Remover and Spray Stain Remover from Switzerland and the famous Elsterglanz a metal polish from Eastern Germany. Antistatic Spray always comes in handy, and it's also crucial to remove lint. For that purpose, we recommend you use either the good lint rollers by ScotchBrite or our beautiful natural bristle clothes brushes.If you have to sew: We carry pre threaded needles or thread in a roll or plait as well as matching needles (and safety pins that come in many sizes) or the ingenious Clover case for storing pre threaded needles. Oh, you need to open a seam again ? No problem, as we have a wide choice of good seam rippers. Need to tidy up the costume van? We have belt rings and loose leaf rings in our programme. Belt rings come with or without a hook.

Moreover we carry lots of different tools. The classical dressmaking shears and embroidery scissors and household scissors (which are often used for ripping clothes, too). Excellent lever action revolving punch pliers by Selzer (also perfect for the woman's hand, to punch a hole with one hand in a strong leather belt). Jewellery pliers: a wide choice of various jewellery pliers for fixing earrings or chains right on the set. If you inadvertently stick foam rubber under the shoes of actors for muffling of noise you can be pretty sure they will slip and fall when the ground is a little damp... This is why we offer exclusively selfadhesive cellular rubber in two different colours and sizes. To dull shiny surfaces use DirtyDownDullingSpray and Condor Dulling Spray (Eco Anti Spot). And when the weather's not on your side... we have gloves, various models of rain ponchos and rain bonnets.

Long working days are a terrible thing and not having any light in the costume van at the end of the shooting day can be even worse you definitely need a headlamp! We can offer you several types of high quality but still low priced lamps by Mammut and Relags. For a little break once in a while and to write the continuity, it's really nice to have a chair or a stool on the set. Check out our tripods and folding chairs! They're very stable, look good and always come in handy. Historical films without bootjacks and boot hooks that simply does not work! We have different forms and materials in our programme. And also a choice of shoe horns in various lengths. Ironing utensils and plug adapters complete our range. Come in and browse it is worth it!


For a smooth fitting I need…

...the perfect costume, of course, but also all the wonderful and indispensable little helpers by PATIN-A that will make work much easier. From laundry marker to shoe horns, safety pins, tape measures, tailor's chalk, fitting tags and really sharp scissors to quickly rip a seam, we have all you need in life ;)
As you know, everything has to go hand in hand during a fitting, and time is precious...As soon as the right tools are at hand, the concentration can fully focus on the costume and the actor. This is how any fitting will be a success! Browse through our pages and trust our wide experience at PATIN-A. You will be sure to find what you need.


No rolls of flab or small ones…

A pushupbra or luxury shapewear? In this section we have everything you and your figure dream of! The MagicBodyfashionShapewear feels and looks fantastic, it's luxuriously made, we even have invisible panties and bras and also adhesive strips to prevent your dress from slipping. Of course there are many more products in our range for ex. invisible slips for ladies and gents, dress shields against sweat stains and perfect body glues
Take a little time to browse through our shop you will be thrilled!

wishing you every success with your upcoming projects The PATINA team