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Fiebing's LeatherColors - Leather Dye water-based

8 non-flammable, non-toxic deeply penetrating leather dyes ✔︎ Perfect for use in schools and in therapy ✔︎ Great results and for little cost ✔︎ more
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Content: 0.118 Litre (€58.90* / 1 Litre)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Water based leather dye by Fiebing's

Institutional Leather Dye / Fiebing's LeatherColors is a non-flammable, non-toxic and deeply penetrating leather dye. It is water-based, i.e. can be diluted with water. 
This leather dye has been formulated by Fiebing's especially for the non-hazardous use in schools, prisons and hospitals (for therapeutic purposes). With this non-toxic dye even small children can dye leather safely.

Nuancier Fiebings Leathercolors Leather Dye

Mixing and applying Institutional Leather Dye / LeatherColors

All the colours are mixable and with the basic colours (yellow, red, blue and black) you can achieve almost all the other colours (i. e. yellow mixed with red is orange, red and blue will result in purple, and so on...)
You apply Fiebing's Institutional Leather Dye / Fiebing's LeatherColors on the leather like the usual leather dyes.
Since the dyes are completely hazard-free we can ship them worldwide.

New name - same product

Fiebing's Institutional Leather Dye is now Fiebing's LeatherColors! From now on the dyes are sold with new names. The  composition of this leather dye does not change - just the labels. By and by, we will change the names of all colour tones to Fiebing's LeatherColors.

Selling unit: 1 piece (118ml / 946ml)


How much leather dye do I need?

We can't answer that question 100% as we do not know your shoes, boots, saddles, jackets, bags etc. and do not know how dye hungry your leather is either. Different leathers (old or new plays a role too) absorb different amounts of liquid.

You can find out the required amount yourself:

Take exactly one liter of water and a fine-pored sponge. Rub thoroughly over the desired item as if dyeing it. After 'dyeing', check the used amount of water: For that purpose, pour the remaining amount of water in a measuring beaker and subtract it from one liter. The difference is the dye amount for one dye (e.g. there are 650 ml left in the beaker = 350 ml is the required amount of dye).
But as you have to dye twice you need to double the amount of dye.

That sounds complicated - but it is not!

You may also save a little dye that way or you can buy right away the exact amount needed for a perfect dye.

This leather dye is used for undyed and untreated vegetable tanned leather in leather craft.

It may not be suitable for treated leather of factory made bags, purses, table tops, car seats, leather furniture, leather clothing, etc. as most of the time these items are pre-dyed and have a protective coating that will prevent the dye from penetrating.

That is why we recommend you make a test beforehand to find out whether the dye is suitable for pre-treated or chrome-tanned leather:

• Cleanse the leather you want to dye thoroughly with a leather cleansing product and place a drop of water on it (rubbing a little).
• If the leather absorbs water, the dye may be suitable.
Please note that we cannot guarantee for the result if your leather is not vegetable tanned. We recommend you contact the manufacturer for further information.

Always test the dye on an inconspicuous spot or an a small piece of leather scrap for suitability before going for a whole project.

PATIN-A wishes much success dyeing!

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April 6, 2020 07:52


Ich war skeptisch ob die "gesunde" Lederfarbe auch intensiv färbt. Nach dem ersten Auftrag war ich schon begeistert und nach dem zweiten Auftrag war ich überzeugt. Diese Lederfarbe färbt sehr gut und es gibt nichts zu bemängeln.

July 25, 2018 12:36



Our feedback: Sie haben das Finish zu dick aufgetragen. Normalerweise wird Resolene mehrfach hauchdünn aufgestrichen.Die ersten Schichten sind matt und werden mit jeder weiteren Schicht glänzender.

March 12, 2018 15:28

schnelle Lieferung - alles perfekt

Ich kenne Lederfarbe von vor 20 Jahren, das hatte nie funktioniert. Die ich nun hier bestellt hatte, ist perfekt: habe mir cognacfarbene Schuhe in schwarz umgefärbt + das Ergebnis ist toll! Farbe stinkt nicht und die Schuhe sind wie neu! sehr schnelle und freundliche Lieferung

March 7, 2018 14:53

Schnell und einfach

Ich habe schwarze Lederfarbe, Wachsversiegelung und Acryl Versiegelung gekauft. Mit der Farbe und der Wachsversiegelung bin ich sehr zufrieden, die Acryl Versiegelung kommt erst bei dem nächsten Arbeitsstück zum Einsatz. Auf jeden Fall lässt sich mit der Farbe auch schon gefärbtes Leder hervorragend bemalen. Sie trocknet extrem schnell und zieht gut in das Leder ein.

March 22, 2017 15:57

Super fürs Schulprojekt

Wir hatten ein Projekt mit unserer Klasse, bei dem auch Leder gefärbt wurde. Tatsächlich hätten wir die Färbearbeiten mit den brennbaren Lederfarben gar nicht durchführen dürfen, da es gewisse Vorgaben für die verwendeten Arbeitsmaterialien gibt. Umso glücklicher waren wir, als wir auf die wasserbasierte Lederfarbe hingewiesen wurden. Ich habe leider keinen Vergleich zu anderen Lederfarben, aber diese Farbe deckt sehr gut und wir konnten ganz verschiedene Farbtöne mischen.


Fiebing's LeatherColor Finish - Water-Based Finish
Fiebing's Institutional Leather Finish is a non-flammable, non-toxic and premium finish ✔︎ Perfect for use in schools and for therapy purposes ✔︎

Content: 0.118 Litre (€67.37* / 1 Litre)

Foam Sponge Wedges
Fine pored latex-free sponge wedges for quick and even application of distressings and leather dye ✔︎ Very practical and inexpensive ✔︎

Wool Brush - Wool Dauber (4 Sizes)
Wool daubers are fluffy wool brushes for even application of leather dye ✔︎ from 0.22 Euro ✔︎ Professional quality in 4 sizes ✔︎
Variants from €0.22*

Small Dye Sponge (Make-Up Sponge)
The fine pores and rounded shape of this sponge prevent unwanted streaking when dyeing or distressing materials ✔︎
From €0.85*

Fiebing's Leathercraft Sponges
Fiebing's Leathercraft Sponges: round shape and fine pores make these sponges utterly perfect for dyeing leather ✔︎
Variants from €3.95*

Content: 6 Piece (€1.49* / 1 Piece)

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With the Transfer Marker, lettering, typografies or graphic designs can be easily transferred ✔︎ waterproof and smudgeproof ✔︎

Solo Goya Masking Marker: Medium 2-4mm - Kreul
Masking Marker 'Medium 2-4mm' for leather, paper, plastics ✔︎ Masking of surfaces has never been so easy ✔︎ For sneakers, water colours, leather painting etc.

LK - Pinhole Filler: Leather Repair Filler
Liquid Kicks Pinhole Filler - fill pin holes, scratches and scars in leather professionally ✔︎ Goes a long way at little cost ✔︎ Flexible, stretchable, sandable and paintable ✔︎

Content: 0.015 Litre (€663.33* / 1 Litre)

Colour Mixing Palette with 20 Pans
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