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Lumiere Metallic & Pearlescent Paints 236 ml - Jacquard

41 opaque top quality metallic paints for textiles, leather, vinyl, plastic & rubber ✔︎ 236ml - Extremely flexible - do not tear & flake ✔︎ Perfect for shoes & sneakers ✔︎ more
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Content: 0.236 Litre (€105.72* / 1 Litre)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Sparkling, glowing, shiny - Jacquard Lumiere fabric & leather paints

Jacquard Lumiere are breathtaking metallic or pearlescent paints for almost all surfaces - for flexible surfaces as well, such as fabric, leather, vinyl or rubber.
These highly pigmented paints are easy to apply and long-lasting. 
What is special about Lumiere is its durability and adhesion. Not only on fabrics - it does not tear, peel or crack - even with continuous wear. 
Lumiere paints are soft to the touch and washfast on fabrics.  
Lumiere paints are also lightfast and weather resistant and their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage, even on dark surfaces.  

Lumiere Colour Chart - Jacquard by PATIN-A

What's the difference between Halo, Metallic and Pearlescent?

Jacquard Lumiere paints are divided into three groups:
Metallic, Halo and Pearlescent paints.
Halo effect:
The halo effect is a beautiful, atmospheric gloss effect that is created by light refraction (like a halo). 
• 555 Halo Pink Gold / • 556 Halo Blue Gold / • 557 Halo Violet Gold

Metallic effect:
Shiny silver pigments have been added to the paint, giving it an intense metallic sheen. 
• 549 Metallic Rust / • 561 Metallic Gold / • 562 Metallic Olive / • 563 Metallic Silver / • 564 Metallic Copper / • 565 Metallic Bronze / Metallic Russet / • 567 Super Sparkle

Pearlescent effect:
The iridiscent mother-of-pearl effect is named after the inner, pearl-like layer of a shell. 
When the mother-of-pearl surface is moved in the light, it seems to shimmer colourfully.  
• 568 Pearlescent White / • 569 Pearlescent Violet / • Pearlescent Blue / • 571 Pearlescent Turquoise / 572 Pearlescent Emerald / • 573 Pearlescent Magenta

Microplastic glitter in Lumiere paints?

Jacquard Lumiere does not use microplastic glitter but mica flakes made from potassium aluminium silicates (potassium feldspars).
These are also used in the food industry. 
Therefore, these paints are still allowed and may be used for your most beautiful works of art. 
Let it glitter!

How do I use Lumiere paints?

Jacquard Lumiere can be applied with brushes, stamps, pads, squeeze bottles and the airbrush. 
You should clean brushes and all other painting utensils with warm water immediately after use. 

Lumiere paints belong to the Neopaque range of paints. Therefore, the optimal thinner for Lumiere paints is Neopaque Extender. The more you add, the more transparent  the colour becomes. The advantage of Extender compared to water is that the structure and adhesion of the paint is not reduced.  

For use with the airbrush, the paints have to be thinned with up to 25% water. We also offer perfectly mixed  Jacquard Airbrush paints, in many different colours, pigmentations and brightnesses. 

How do I fix Lumiere paints?

Neopaque, Lumiere and Airbrush paints are all „self-fixing" paints. If you leave the painted items for approx. 4 days, they harden and can then be washed.  
This applies to most surfaces. It can take longer for completely non-porous surfaces such as plastic, because the paint does not dry as quickly and takes longer to harden, but it is usually much more durable after 10 days.  

This process can be accelerated by heat, i.e. ironing or using a heat gun, as soon as the paint is completely dry. 

If you want to paint shoes or other surfaces under heavy usage, you should always apply a top finish to protect the paint. 

We recommend the finishes by  Liquid Kicks, as they are highly elastic.  

What materials can be painted with Jacquard's Lumiere?

Natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, vinyl, canvas, wood, paper, rubber, plastic, clay, metal, Worbla, foam material and more. 

Selling unit: 1 piece (236 ml)

Fixing of fabric paints

Hint: When using these instructions, please note that these are general guidelines only. 
You can use them in conjunction with the individual manufacturer's instructions included with the various fabric paints.  

Drying time before fixing:

To achieve best results, leave the painted or stamped fabric to dry for at least 30 minutes. We have found that air curing for as long as possible (up to 2 weeks!) before heat curing in a warm, dry environment gives the best results. For a faster drying, the fabric is placed under a lamp and then heat set. Heat setting holds the colour in the fibres and allows normal washing. 

Laundry dryer:

We generally do not recommend home tumble dryers as most of them do not get hot enough. Commercial dryers set on a minimum temperature of 250° C for 45 minutes should suffice. Make sure to preheat the dryer. 

Fixing with the iron:

For warming with an iron please keep in mind that temperatures may vary from iron to iron. When using an iron, preheat it to the maximum temperature that is safe for the fabric. Place an aluminium foil on the ironing board with the painted side of the fabric facing down. Press the iron for at least 15 to 25 seconds on the backside of the fabric before beginning to iron.  
Alternatively you can use an ironing cloth if you feel the need to iron directly on the painted side. Repeat the process without the ironing cloth on the unpainted side at the highest temperature suitable for your fabric (Note: a longer air cure time, 5 to 7 days, is recommended with this method).

Only for professionals:

Use of a commercial conveyor belt oven: 350° C for 3 minutes, two passes if necessary. The fabric should be hot to the touch to set the colours. 
NOTE: The optimum time and temperature needed for proper curing depends on the fabric, the cover, the finish and in particular the instructions of the various paint manufacturers.   
Please do not try this in your home oven!

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