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iDye Poly Pro 450g- Polyester Textile Dye 450g

iDye Poly Pro in the 450g can - the textile dye for intense dyeing of polyester ✔︎ Low-priced - very economical! ☆ Professional size: 450 Gramm ☆ mehr
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Content: 0.45 Gramm (€133.22* / 1 Gramm)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Beautiful dyeing of big amounts of polyester 

iDye Poly also comes in the big 450g pack. This special size is for all those who have to dye frequently or large amounts of mixed fabrics or polyester materials, e.g. in theatre dye workshops. 
iDye Poly is a hot water textile dye for synthetic polyester and nylon fabrics (e.g. yarns), amongst others for buttons, wigs, Worbla etc.

iDye Poly for Polyester Fabrics - Farbkarte - Nuancier - Colour Chart

Dyeing with iDye Poly - what should I keep in mind?

iDye Poly gives excellent results for hand dye in the pot. But you can also use iDye Poly for dyeing in the washing machine.

• Hand dye: 14g of iDye dye powder plus 14ml of iDye Poly Color Intensifier for 400 to 500 gram of fabric
Machine dye: take 40g of iDye Poly plus 15ml of iDye Poly Color Intensifier for 500 gram of fabric. Otherwise your dye result will be very weak.

• Dye temperature is 95°C.
• The fabric has to simmer on low heat in the pot while dyeing. Heat is necessary to allow the dye to penetrate the polyester.

Beware: Some polyester fabrics do not take on colour! Not all synthetic fibers are produced the same way. Results may differ depending on the nature of the fabric. 
Possible reasons could also be that the fibers have been treated with flame retardant chemicals or with Teflon. 
Before dyeing a larger amount of fabric, make a dye test.  

• put 1 drop of washing up liquid or Synthaprole into the dye bath (takes the surface tension). 
• Please protect your hands with rubber gloves. 

White seams in the dyed piece?

You must have come across this problem: after dyeing, the garment shines in a new colour - only the seams still have the original colour. 
iDye Poly dyes these seams in the desired colour. Add iDye Poly and iDye Natural to the same dye bath. 
Your cotton piece will then be dyed through and through without annoying visible seams or labels (labels and tags are also made of polyester and will also be dyed). 

Hot water dye? The label says: wash only up to 30°C!

Forget about the manufacturer's recommendations! Cotton and linen can be washed without any problems at hot temperatures - the same applies to polyester or polyamide (nylon).
The cotton in your jeans has been bleached at high temperatures several times and washed before becoming a piece of clothing. And why do you have to iron cotton and linen at the highest temperature if the manufacturer says these fabrics cannot stand temperatures higher than 30°C? 
The problem is rather high spin speeds and drying in the tumble dryer. This causes clothes to shrink. Not a hot wash. 

You will find a detailed dye guide here: iDye Poly Instructions

Problems with dyeing?

• Garments with down must never be dyed with  iDye Poly, as high temperatures would stick the down together. 
• Some polyester fibres are coated with special impregnations or light protection materials (e.g. curtains, parasols, garden furniture cushions). These fabrics cannot be dyed. Unfortunately, one only notices this after dyeing, when the dye result turns out very weak. 
• An insufficient or weak dye in the washing machine very often indicates a too low dye temperature and/or too little dye. Make sure to weigh the dry fabric and use 3 packs of dye per 500g of fabric. If you dye less than 500g of fabric, you still need 3 packs of iDye Poly. For each additional 500g of fabric you will need a further pack of dye (e.g. for 1500g of fabric you need 5 packs of dye). 

We recommend Synthrapol by Jacquard before, during and after dyeing:
• Pre-wash to remove impregnations or finishes.
• During dyeing, a drop of Synthrapol in the dye liquor takes away the surface tension and allows the dyes to penetrate better.
• After dyeing, Synthrapol removes all free pigments and prevents subsequent discolourations.
• When hand dyeing, protect yourself with rubber gloves

Selling unit: 1 piece (450g)

Jacquard iDye Poly - Instructions

Easy-to-use soluble dye packet. For 100% natural fabrics. Dyes 2-3 lbs / 1-1.3 kg of dry fabric.
Results may vary with fabric, temperature of dye bath and duration. Always test first.
Dye bath is safe to pour down drain/septic systems.

Which iDye?

• for 100% natural fabrics use iDye for Natural Fabrics
• for 100% polyester & nylon use iDye Poly
• for fabric blends that contain both natural and synthetic fibers, combine similar colors of iDye for Natural Fabrics and iDye Poly*

For best results:

• Read entire instructions before starting.
• For best results, and maximum color intensity, use stove top method.
• Use constant agitation for uniform color.
NOTE: for lighter shades, use less dye.

Stove top method:

Note: utensils and pot used for dyeing should not be used for food.
1. Fill a stainless steel or enamel pot with enough warm water for the fabric to move freely. Turn heat on medium.
2. Add the iDye soluble dye packet to water and stir until fully dissolved.
3. For cotton, linen and rayon dissolve one cup / 270 g of non-iodized salt in a little hot water and add to dye bath. For silk add 1/3 cup / 78 ml of white vinegar instead of salt. Avoid pouring directly onto fabric.
4. Add pre-wetted fabric and raise temperature to a simmer, just below boiling (185° F).
5. Maintain simmer and stir frequently for ½ hour.
6. Turn off heat and remove fabric from dye bath. Be careful as fabric and dye bath will be hot. Wear gloves as residual dye can stain skin.
7. Wash the fabric with a mild detergent in cool water and dry.

Top loading washing machine method:

1. Fill washing machine with just enough hot water for the fabric to move freely.
2. Add the iDye soluble dye packet. Agitate for 30 seconds or longer until packet is dissolved.
3. For cotton, linen and rayon add one cup / 270 g of non-iodized salt. For silk add 1/3 cup / 78 ml of white vinegar.
4. Add pre-wetted fabric.
5. Extend the dyeing time by resetting the wash cycle before the rinse cycle begins. The longer the dyeing time, the darker the color and better the fixation. We recommend 50 to 60 minutes of dyeing time.
6. Allow the cycle to complete.
7. Wash the garment with a mild detergent in cold water and dry.
Note: Most washers hold some water in their outer tubs at the end of a cycle. Run a short wash/rinse cycle with your normal detergent after dyeing to remove any residual color. If you have hard water in your area it is also a good idea to wipe down the inside of the tub as soap scum can build up and will hold onto dye particles.

Front loading washing machine method:

1. Dissolve the iDye soluble dye packet in approximately two cups of hot water.
• For cotton, linen and rayon dissolve one cup of non-iodized salt in approximately one quart of hot water.
• If you are dyeing silk, then you will use 1/3 cup of white vinegar instead of non-iodized salt.
Note: For front loading machines with a pre-wash flush, add dye between the flush and wash cycles.
2. Pour the dissolved iDye and dissolved non-iodized salt or vinegar into the bottom of the washing machine tub.
3. Add pre-wetted fabric.
4. Set your machine for the hottest possible water temperature and longest possible wash cycle. If you are able to extend the wash cycle, do so. The longer you are able to allow the fabric to remain in the wash/dye cycle the darker the color and the better the fixation.
5. When the machine has completed the wash cycle allow it to complete the balance of the wash/rinse/spin cycle.
6. Wash the garment with a mild detergent in cold water and dry.
Note: We recommend a thorough cleaning of your washer after you have used it to dye fabric. Most front loading washers collect residual water in the front door gasket and will also hold water in the exterior tub. Wipe down the door gasket carefully and run a short cycle with your normal detergent after completing dye process. (You may want to refer to your Washing Machine Users Manual for cleaning instructions.)

*For polyester blends:

1. Choose an iDye Poly color closest to the iDye color you are dyeing and add both packets to dye bath.
2. Follow stove top method. Allow dye mixture to come to a simmer for ½ to 1 hour.

For cotton & silk blends:

If you are doing a cotton and silk blend and don’t know whether to add the salt or the vinegar you have three options:
1. It’s not critical - either the salt or the vinegar will work so just pick one.
2. Don’t add either, but use substantial heat in the dye bath (stove top method).
3. Do two separate dye baths - one with salt and one with vinegar. This will probably be best for darkest colors.

iDye FAQs and Troubleshooting

Can I dye rayon with iDye? How about nylon?
Yes, iDye Natural works great for dyeing rayon (which is essentially synthetic cotton). Nylon must be dyed using iDye Poly.

Is it non toxic?
If used according to the instructions, iDye is safe.

What kind of pots can I use?
Do not use a pot you intend to cook with in the future. Stainless steel or enameled pots work best. Aluminum pots are not recommended, but will work in a pinch.

Will a Teflon pot work?

What is the dissolvable packet made of?
PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol).

Is the dye bath safe for septic tanks?

What is the safest and greenest way to dispose of it?
Dispose according to local and state regulations.

How much fabric will a packet dye?
Up to 3 lbs for deep shades. Much more can be dyed, but the depth of shade will begin to decrease.

For darker colors should I get 2 packets?
It depends on how much fabric you are dyeing and how much water you are using. Darker colors are achieved by using more heat, using less water or using more dye.

I’m worried about shrinkage. Do I have to use hot water? Why?
Yes. Many of the dyes are blends of many colors. Each color strikes at different temperatures with 180°F being optimal. So, to achieve the best and most accurate color possible, hot water is needed. If your fabric cannot withstand high tem- peratures, consider using a cold-water dye like DEKA aktuell or Procion MX.

Do I need to add salt and/or vinegar?
It is not absolutely necessary, but highly recommended for maximum color intensity.
• Salt for cellulose based fibers (cotton, line, hemp, etc.)
• Vinegar for proteins based fiber (silk, wool, feathers, etc.) 

What is the salt/vinegar for?
To drive the dye into the fabric. 

Can the colors be mixed together?

What if I want a lighter shade?
Use less dye! Dissolve the dye in a jar and use just what you need. The rest you can save and use next time. You can also cut open the dye packet and pour out just a pinch of powder. Dyeing at lower temperatures is another way to achieve paler colors.

Do I use the iDye Fixative with the iDye Poly?
No. The fixative is only used with iDye Natural. It ensures better washfastness.

Can I save the dye bath and reuse it later?
Yes, but it is not recommended. It is unlikely that the second dyeing will produce the same color as the first, especially when using an iDye color that is composed of multiple dyes. This is because each color in the blend strikes at a different rate, which means the ratio of colors left over in the dye bath will change after the first dyeing. If consistent color isn’t a concern, just remember that you may have to reheat the dye to get the dye back into solution.

After it is mixed in the water, how long will it last?
Indefinitely. However, over time, the dye fill fall out of solution. To re-dissolve the dye will require heat.

Can I airbrush with iDye?
Theoretically, yes, but it is not recommended. Jacquard offers a number of products that are more suited for spraying. Consider using Jacquard CVS dyes or Dye-Na-Flow for airbrushing applications. Contact us so we can make a recommendation.

How do I tie dye a polyester shirt using iDye Poly?
Use the sublimation method or apply dye and then steam at > 212°F. Alternatively, the fabric can be tied and then sub- merged in the boiling dye bath.

How can I paint on fabric using iDye?
It is possible, but not recommended. Consider using Jacquard’s fabric paints or a cold water dye for this application.

If left unopened, how long will it last?

The color is bleeding. What did I do wrong?
Maybe nothing! Some colors, like crimson, tend to bleed. To stop this, use the iDye Fixative. The fixative works great to increase the washfastness of any color.

My black came out olive green. What happened?
The dye bath was not hot enough. When using black, it is important to achieve at least 180°F. Sometimes, it may also require a longer dye time.

Why did the fabric not turn out the same as the picture on the packet?
The picture is only an approximation. All fibers will yield slightly different colors. Sometime different fibers can yield dra- matically different colors, too!

I recently used some iDye Poly dye on a clothing item and there is a strong chemi- cal smell left on the fabric. Is there anything that I can do to remove the smell from the fabric?
Wash in HOT water several times with a strong detergent.

What would be the best way for me to achieve a very light shade on a 100% polyester dress?
Use just a portion of the dye in the packet. You can either pre-dissolve the dye in a jar and pour off a small amount, or cut open the packet and carefully scoop out a small amount of powder.

Why does the navy blue iDye for Natural Fibers look like purple when mixed in the water?
Our Navy is a very warm/red navy. At lower concentrations, it will dye a purplish color. However, at high concentration, it’s a beautiful warm navy blue. The red component has a lower strike rate than the other components. So it has to have more red to get the warm tones of navy. This makes it look purple in solution. Remember that the color of a dye bath (the color of dye in solution) will always be slightly different than the color it produces on fabric.

I just used the iDye Color Remover on a pair of store-bought jeans. After 40 minutes on the stove (just below boiling and CONSTANT stirring) they are the same color!
Not all dyes are dischargeable. The Color Remover is effective at removing iDye colors from natural fabrics, but it is not guaranteed to work on other dyes. Test first!

I have just finished using stainless steel pots to stovetop dye some fabric. If they are washed thoroughly, can I use them to cook with again?

No. Pots or utensils used for dyeing should NOT be used for food. 

What do you suggest for ensuring that iDye colors do not leach into washing machine interior plastic hulls?
Either pre-dissolve the packets before adding the dye to the washing machine, or run several washes after the dye job, using HOT water and bleach. 

Will iDye for Natural Fabrics work in a front loading washing machine?
Yes, you can watch a video on how to do it here: https://vimeo.com/jacquardproducts/idye

Can I use iDye Poly in the washing machine?
No, iDye Poly requires very high temperatures. It should only be used on the stovetop.

I dyed a cotton garment using iDye for Natural Fabrics but all the threads remained white. What happened?
The threads used to stitch commercial garments are often made of polyester, which will be untouched by iDye for Natural Fabrics. To color the threads at the same time as the garment, mix the same colors iDye Natural and iDye Poly in the dye bath and use the stovetop method.

I dyed a synthetic garment with iDye Poly and even the buttons took the color. What happened?

iDye Poly will color just about anything synthetic, including plastic buttons.

<h3>We answer more questions around the topic of 'dyeing' here:&nbsp;</h3>
<p>&bull; You will find detailed dye instructions here : <strong><a title="Dypro (Dylon) Anleitung f&uuml;r F&auml;rbungen - Textil und 3D" href="https://www.patin-a.de/faerbeanleitung-fuer-dypro" target="_blank">iDye Instructions&nbsp;<br /></a></strong>&bull;&nbsp;Or have a look at our blog:&nbsp;<strong><a title="Blog: FAQ zum F&auml;rben von Stoffen" href="https://www.patin-a.de/blog/faqs-zum-faerben-mit-textilfarben" target="_blank">FAQs about dyeing with textile dyes&nbsp;</a></strong></p>

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April 8, 2022 09:52

iDye Poly Profi 450g - Polyester Textilfarbe

Abwicklung ist super schnell per Onlineshop. Die Ware kommt am nächsten Tag spätestens übernächsten Tag. Sehr kurze Reaktionszeiten. Qualität des Materials auch top!

May 15, 2021 12:37

Super Farbe

Ich bin schwer begeistert von der Polyesterfarbe. Bisher waren die Polyesterstoffe nur bemalbar, mit herkömmlicher Färbefarbe war es mäßig möglich die Stoffe zu färben. Bin sehr froh, dass PATINA die Farben auch in großen Abpackungen anbietet. Vielen Dank!!!


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