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Fiebing's Leather Sheen

Fiebing’s Leather Sheen - a wax-based gloss finish that protects leather from drying out ✔︎ Gives a beautiful, long-lasting gloss ✔︎ more
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Content: 0.118 Pair (€67.37* / 1 Pair)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Fiebing's Leather Sheen makes leather shine

Leather Sheen protects leather from drying out and imparts a beautiful gloss.  
We carry this product as a spray or as a lotion!
Fiebing´s research has produced Leather Sheen with formula CH-42. Shines beautifully and protects the leather through its flexible wax finish and makes it water repellent. A finish that will last and last. 
Use Leather Sheen on saddles, belts, handbags, shoes and boots.

Spray or lotion - the right use

Shake Leather Sheen well before using!
Clean leather thoroughly before application, with Fiebing's Saddle Soap for ex.
Spray: after drying, spray lightly, holding the can about 30 cm from the surface.
Lotion: apply with a soft cloth.
Leather Sheen should be buffed. When first coat is dry, just re-buff with a soft, dry cloth or brush.
Can be repeated as often as necessary.

Danger warnings (only for the spray):
Use product with care. Always read label and warnings before use.  
Gefahrstoffe - AchtungGefahr: Brennbar
Liquid and vapour are easily flammable. Causes eye irritation. 
If medical advice is required, have packaging or label ready. 
Keep out of the reach of children. 
Read label before use. 
Avoid release into the environment. 
Dispose of content/container according to local regulations.  

Selling unit Spray: 1 piece - 300g *
Selling unit Lotion: 1 piece - 118ml or 946ml

* Only for the spray:
Shipping of flammable liquids
• This product can only be shipped by land.
• We are only allowed to ship flammable liquids with UPS or GLS to certain countries (see below).
• For Germany and Switzerland, shipping with DHL (Switzerland: DHL Premium) is also permitted.

Shipping with UPS is permitted to:
Belgium (BeNeLux), Denmark (postal code area 5000-9990), Germany (mainland only), France (mainland only), Great Britain (mainland only), Italy (mainland only), Liechtenstein, Luxemburg (BeNeLux), Monaco, Netherlands (BeNeLux), Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Spain (mainland only), Portugal (mainland only), Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican City State.

Shipping with GLS is permitted to:
Belgium (BeNeLux), Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France (mainland only), Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg (BeNeLux), Monaco, Netherlands (BeNeLux), Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain (mainland only), Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Vatican City State.

* Please select the appropriate parcel service.

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5 out of 5 stars






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October 23, 2021 18:51

Glanzspray für Leder

Ware top, Versand sehr schnell. Gerne wieder.

June 14, 2021 11:37

Patin A und Leather Sheen

Mein zweiter Einkauf hier, kann ich nur empfehlen. Lederfarben sind super und preiswerter als woanders. Und wer es noch nicht kennt, sollte unbedingt die Fiebigs`s Leather Sheen Versiegelung ausprobieren. Zustellung war auch sehr schnell, bin restlos zufrieden.

May 19, 2021 10:49

Sehr zufrieden

Ich hatte vor ca. 2 Jahren bei Ihnen 3 versch. Rot - Töne und eine Versiegelung bestellt. Ich war und bin sehr zufrieden und wollte nur mal eine positive Rückmeldung abgeben. Am letzten Wochenende habe ich sogar mein Lenkrad mit den Farben aufgefrischt und am Schluss mit der "Leather Sheen" Versiegelung behandelt. Das Resultat ist kaum zu glauben und das "Leather Sheen" ist der absolute Hammer !!! werde ich weiterempfehlen.

March 10, 2017 11:47

Very fast delivery - great product

3 day delivery to Copenhagen. Exellent! The product (Fiebings leathersheen) has brought my old leather jacket back to life.

February 11, 2017 16:28

Sehr gut!

Ich nehme immer das Spray als Finish für Sitzbänke und Taschen. Klasse edler Glanz und belastbar! 100 Punkte!!!


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