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PATIN-A BlogBased on Experience

This blog shows how to patinate correctly, gives tips for the work in the costume department, shows the newest trends and introduces products and their use. 
The main focus lies on costume distressing, leather working and textile dyeing. We show trends of the trade and aids for costume design.

From Dylon to Dypro

The professional line from Dylon Textile Dye gets a new name. From September 2019 the popular Dylon Multi Purpose Dye has a new brand name: Dypro Multi Purpose Dye. 

Only the packaging and the name change - the excellent compositon with the intensive colour pigments, the brilliant shades and the well known colour names remain.  

What els...

Stonewashed effect the easy way 

Costume aging with rubber mats is easy as pie - we show you in our little distressing wokshop how it works (two movies)!

Our videos will hopefully provide all the answers you need. But if not, just write your questions in the comments - we shall answer them immediately. 

When it stinks to high heaven ...

How many times have you collected costumes after the performance or the shoot that reeked strongly of sweat? Unfortunately very often there's no time to bring the costumes to the cleaner's or to wash them before the next use.
Popular remedies like vodka only help to a limited extent and textile fresheners like Febreze just give the garments an even more disgusting smell and cover the actual culprit. 


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