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Jacquard Textile Color Fabric Paint Premium

Jacquard Textile Color: permanent, quality fabric paint for painting all fabrics with great, bright colours ✔︎ Fabric remains soft ✔︎ more
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Content: 0.67 Litre (€8.88* / 1 Litre)

Embellish fabrics professionally with Jacquard Textile Color

Let your creativity grow wings and embellish fabrics, T-shirts, bags, shoes, caps, pants, jackets etc. with the Jacquard Textile Paint fabric paints. 
This is a unique, highly professional fabric paint in professional quality: the fabric remains soft and the result is permanent and colour-fast. The colour intensity does not change when washed. 

The perfect paint for synthetic and natural fabrics (also stretchy fabrics) as well as on porous and semi-porous surfaces such as wood and leather. The paint is highly elastic, does not crack or break - and will also not peel.  
Whether you use a paint brush, a stamp, your fingers, a potato , brush or stencil - let your ideas run free and create a uniquely exclusive design  with wonderfully vibrant colours. 
Jacquard Textile Paint is a quality product from the USA and is exclusively available at PATIN-A .

Farbkarte / Colour Chart / Nuancier: Jacquard Textile Color

Mix and fix colours for a colourful, long-lasting result 

The many brilliant colours can very easily be cross-mixed and thinned with water (up to 25%) or the special Colorless Extender to reach the desired shade.  
This fabric paint can be used on all washable fabrics. The fabrics should be able to absorb liquids, the paint will definitely not work on microfibre.  
After iron-fixing, the paint remains permanently in the fibre and can no longer be removed. For fabrics that cannot be ironed, use Jacquard Airfix.
You can also apply Jacquard Textile Paint Fabric Paint with the Airbrush.

Does the fabric softness remain with Jacquard Textile Color?

What is special and unique about this fabric paint is that you will not notice any difference to the remaining fabric softness after iron-fixing and rinsing. Usual fabric paints leave behind a rubbery or firm surface - not so Jacquard Textile Paint.

What should I bear in mind when using Jacquard Textile Color? 

• Jacquard Textile Paint is semi-transparent and works perfectly on light-coloured fabrics. If you need an opaque paint for dark fabrics, take Jacquard Neopaque.
• Fabrics with finishings (e.g. softener) cannot be painted as durably as washed fabrics. Therefore, first wash and dry the textile you want to paint. 
• Shake and stir the paints well before use. 

• The fabric paints can be mixed or thinned with water or Colorless Extender:
Applied directly from the bottle, the paint is semi-transparent and intense. To increase the transparency and reduce the viscosity, you can add up to 25% water to this medium strength colour or mix it with Colorless Extender to achieve any degree of transparency, without affecting the consistency of the paint.

Be creative 

• Use a soft brush or for large areas (e.g. ballett slippers) our great Wool-Dauber. Of course, you can also dab the paint with a sponge or your fingers or use the fabric paint with stamps.  
• Jacquard Textile Paint has enough viscosity in its undiluted state to stamp, print or dab. 
• Be sure to place a plastic bag or waterproof paper between two layers of fabric if you want to paint a  T-Shirt, trousers, a cotton bag or bed linen. The paint you are painting the fabric side with will otherwise penetrate and automatically paint the bottom layer the fabric. 

How do I get a permanent result with Jacquard Textile Color?

• Please allow the paint to dry properly. 
• Then iron the motif with an iron to fix Jacquard Textile Paint. Place a cloth or baking paper on the motif and iron at very high temperature for 1 to 2 minutes.  
• After ironing you should wash the textile with an ordinary detergent to remove the remaining paint and additives.  
• Brushes and sponges can be easily washed out with water. 

Tips for professionals

• Instead of ironing, you can also fix the motif in the oven: gas level 1 and electric oven 140º C for 5 minutes. This is much more effective and faster than fixing with the iron. 
• If you want to apply a colour meant for light textiles on dark textiles, then paint the motif once or twice with white paint. Let each layer dry and fix it with the iron. Afterwards you can apply any other colour. 
• For pastel shades, mix with 123 White (white + red = pink).
• For opaque colours, mix with 220 Super Opaque White or use Neopaque Paints.
• For sponge or stamp techniques, Jacquard Textile Paint should not be thinned .

Selling unit: 1 piece (66 ml / 236 ml)

Fixation of fabric paints

Note: When following these instructions, please note that these are only general guidelines. You can use them in conjunction with the individual manufacturer’s instructions that are included with the various fabric dyes.

Drying time before fixing:

For best results, allow the painted or printed fabric to dry thoroughly for at least half an hour. We have found that air curing before heat curing (up to 2 weeks!) for as long as possible in a warm and dry environment gives the best results. For faster drying, place the fabric under a lamp and then heat-set. Heat-setting holds the dye in the fibres and allows normal washing.

Tumble dryer

We do not generally recommend home tumble dryers as most do not get hot enough. Commercial dryers set at a minimum temperature of 250° for 45 minutes should be sufficient. Be sure to preheat the dryer.

Fixing with an iron

When heating with an iron it is important to note that temperatures vary from iron to iron. When using an iron, preheat it to a maximum temperature that is safe for the fabric. Place an aluminium foil on the ironing board and turn the painted side of the fabric downwards. Press the iron for at least 15-25 seconds on the back of the fabric and only then move on with the iron. Alternatively, you can use an ironing cloth if you feel the need to iron directly on the painted side. Repeat the process without the ironing cloth on the non-painted side at the highest temperature suitable for your fabric (note: a longer air curing time, 5-7 days, is recommended with this method).

For professionals only:

Using a commercial conveyor belt oven: 350° for 3 minutes, two passes if necessary. The fabric should be hot to the touch to set the colours. NOTE: The optimum time and temperature required for proper curing will depend on the fabric, the colour intensity, the finish and especially on the instructions of the various dye manufacturers. Please do not try in your oven at home!

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Je suis très contente des produits Les peintures pour tissus que j’utilise pour faire du Shibori me plaisent beaucoup Et la gamme est très grande…

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