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DYLON Fabric Paint
DYLON Fabric Paint
Permanent high-quality fabric paint for painting all types of fabric with beautiful, bright colours ✔︎ The fabric remains nice and soft ✔︎
Beautify fabrics with DYLON Fabric Paint Unleash your creativity and beautify fabrics, T-shirts, bags, shoes, caps, trousers, jackets, etc... with DYLON Fabric Paint 's awesome lively colours. Whether you use a paintbrush, a stamp, your...
From 2.95 € *
Content 0.025 Liter (118.00 € * / 1 Liter)
DYLON Waschen & Färben
DYLON Wash & Dye
Dyeing with Dylon 'Wash & Dye' is so incredibly easy, it's child's play! ❤︎ Wash and dye in one single step ✔︎ Low-priced and extremely effective ✔︎
Special Offer : instead of € 7,95 only € 6,95 What is so special about DYLON - Wash & Dye Wash and dye in one single step - that really is something special! To dye faded trousers fast and easy - saves time, energy and money! This...
6.95 € *
Content 0.4 Kilogramm (17.38 € * / 1 Kilogramm)
Textilschutz Säckchen Mottenschutz - Aeroxon
Textile Moth Protection Scent Bags - Aeroxon
Ready to use little scent bags for immediate pest control against textile moths, carpet beetles & their larvae ✔︎ Also helps to prevent a new...
Reduced price from 6,45 € to 4,95 € 3 x 3 months moth free • Double effect: immediate protection and prevention • Fights textile moths and carpet beetles and their larvae • Prevents new infestation • Use in closets, wardrobes and garment...
4.95 € *
High Tech Fabric-Cleanser - ReviveX
High Tech Fabric-Cleanser - ReviveX
Highly effective special cleanser for all outer clothing, including rain or skiwear with fleece or synthetic insulation ✔ Great value ✔
Reduced from € 9 .95 to € 6,95 Perfect for outdoor clothes Highly effective special cleanser for all outer clothing, including rain or skiwear garments with fleece or synthetic insulation. For machine and hand wash High Tech...
6.95 € *
Content 0.3 Liter (23.17 € * / 1 Liter)
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