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Puff Colour Sticks (PicTixx)

Achieve professional level burn and other special distressing effects with PicTixx puff colour stick and liner pen ✔︎ Also great for hobby & craft projects ✔︎ more
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Content: 0.025 Litre (€130.00* / 1 Litre)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Create special effects on costumes with PicTixx Puff Colours

Would you like to embellish your T-shirt or customize your sneakers? Or paint burns on a costume?

Then PicTixx Puff Colours are the perfect choice! 

PicTixx Puff Colour and LinerPen is a universal water based paint for decoration on paper, wood, pottery, stone, finish- and softener-free fabrics (cotton and mixed materials up to 20% synthetic), and much more. 

Due to the blow effect of PicTixx, beautiful 3D effects can be achieved.
The puff colour is particularly popular with professionals to create burn effects on costumes.

Pictixx Farbkarte, Colour chart, nuancier

Special effects: burns and explosions

The problem with 'real' burns is: they tend to disappear after a short while, as the fibers carbonize through the heat and dissolve.

But this does not happen to burns fixed with PATIN-TEX and PicTixx.

With PicTixx you can achieve great 3D effects through a relief-like and extremely realistic appearance of the burn.

Our big range of colours allows you to create a variety of authentic patinations.

For puffing the dried colour for burns, a lighter is first choice, as it allows you to puff very easily only in part. It can be a bit tricky at the beginning to achieve the perfect burn effect, so better try the technique on an old garment first.

For explosion costumes, the fibers of the frayed fabrics can be fixed and raised with PicTixx colours to shape a dramatic explosion wound.

Puff Colour Sticks (PicTixx)


Painting is fun for young and old

Kids especially will have a lot of fun with this colour, painting their own T-shirt, decorating cans or customizing bags - thanks to the variety of colours, the endless creative possibilities and the easy use there are no limits to creativity.


What should I keep in mind when using PicTixx LinerPen?

• The colour of the PicTixx LinerPen can be applied right out of the bottle. For use on textiles, press the tip of the pen slightly into the fabric.  
• The thin pen tip allows a very detailed decoration. 
• Leave the painted object to dry for appr. 6 hours.
• Once dry, put the garment in the oven (150°C / for 10-60 seconds.) or use a hair dryer (1800W / full power) until the colour becomes matt and relief-like. 
• If you do not want to puff PicTixx Puff Colour, just using the pens to paint on fabric is fine too.



Selling unit: 1 piece (25ml)

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October 9, 2021 14:05

Danke :-)

Unser Sneakerprojekt ist toll geworden. Wir haben mit dieser Farbe coole Effekte malen können. Danke für die süße Überraschung im Paket.

July 8, 2018 13:44

Neue Farben

Eure Farbpalette ist großartig. Nicht nur zum Patinieren - auch für Malereien auf Kleidung sind diese Plusterfarben traumhaft.

August 26, 2016 20:35

Toller Effekt

Nutze diese Farbe schon sehr lange für Verbrennungseffekte und bin sehr zufrieden damit. Klasse, dass es solch eine simple Lösung gibt!


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