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Granulated Cork ø 0.5 - 2mm - For Structures

Granulated Cork ø 0.5 - 2mm for creating structure pastes ✔︎ ultra light - big volume ✔︎ more
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Content: 1 Litre

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Creating structures on fabrics and props

Thanks to its low weight and large volume, the natural raw material cork can ideally be used for creating structures on costumes or props. 
Cork granulate with a diameter between 0.5 and 2 mm produces great surface structures.  
Granulated cork is absolutely essential for SFX distressings: e.g. dirt, blood crusts, burns, explosions, mould, rust, moss, algae etc.

Great structure effects with cork granules 

Cork granulate, in combination with latex, allows to create beautiful sculptured forms. 
As the cork granules do not stick by themselves on the costume or prop you need a binder. For this, we recommend PATIN-TEX: the odourless latex milk.
Latex milk can be dyed with water soluble colours (e.g. Kryolan Aquacolor, Dye-Na-Flow). If you don't dye the latex milk, it dries yellowish transparent and the granulate remains visible.
Cork, in combination with latex, sticks firmly to the surface.  
Once the structure paste has dried, it can be painted or sprayed (you can accelerate drying with a hair-dryer). 

The origin of the raw material 

This cork is produced in Portugal. We deliberately do not offer cork granulate from Asia! 
The entire cultivation, harvesting and processing of the raw materials are completely oriented towards ecological and sustainable aspects and are controlled by certified bodies. 

Selling unit: 1000ml (larger packagings on request)

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