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Sno-Seal Leather Care

Dry feet and well-maintained shoes all year round ✔ The quality product from the USA ✔ more
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Content: 0.1 Kilogram (€99.50* / 1 Kilogram)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

No more wet shoes!

Sno-Seal is a very important waterproofing and care product from the USA for smooth leather shoes.
The unique beeswax composition makes your shoes waterproof while keeping the leather breathable!

Historical and modern films in slush and snow…

Sno-Seal is the perfect way to waterproof army boots, riding boots or any other kind of boots or footwear for shoots in the cold season, war films and films set in the Middle Ages.
Especially in war films where you have crowds of extras you never have enough shoe dryers or time to dry hundreds of pairs of boots overnight.
Why not treat shoes in advance so that they don't end up soaked in the first place?
Taking a boot as an example, it is easy to see just how much water the untreated leather can absorb:
A soggy boot contains approximately 1 pound of water. It's worth noting that all this water also has to be carried around by the wearer - step after step.
As you maybe can imagine, a boot in such a state will never dry overnight. Moreover, on cold days actors and extras will very quickly feel the chill and can very easily end up catching a cold!
Sno-Seal prevents all this with its impregnable wax coat.
Costume designers tell us again and again about the wonderful experiences they've had with Sno-Seal and how it really keeps their actors' jackboots dry.

The hair dryer is the solution!

Apply Sno-Seal to the shoe and massage it into the leather with a shoe polish applicator brush.
A white coat will build up on the shoe.
Now warm the shoe using the hair dryer (not too hot - the lowest heat level is enough!) until the wax liquifies and penetrates into the leather.
For war films, shoes are rarely polished, as a matt and unobtrusive surface is the desired effect.
But if you still prefer a high gloss finish, just buff away with a shoe shine brush to your heart’s content.

Sno-Seal is also highly recommendable for leather gloves!

Not all care is created equal!

Atsko, the manufacturer of Sno-Seal,’ s philosophy is that the greases and oils in ordinary care products soak the leather completely and as a result clog all the pores. These sealer products fill all the natural cavities in the leather and so the leather can no longer absorb any sweat. It also loses its insulating capabilities.
Animal fats weaken the leather hide and break it down. During the tanning process, leather manufacturers work hard to remove all fats from the leather in order to preserve it. So it doesn't really make sense why we would then add them again by using those ordinary shoe products. 

Sno-Seal - the perfect protection against the wet in all seasons!

Danger warnings:
Use product with care. Always read the label and warnings before use.

Achtung Feuergefährlich

• Causes severe eye irritation. Wear eye protection. If medical advice is needed, have packaging or label ready. 
• Capable of self heating; can catch fire. 

• Very toxic to aquatic organisms.
• Keep out of the reach of children.  
• Read label before use.
• Avoid release to the environment.
• Dispose of content/container according to local regulations. 

Made in the USA


Selling unit: 1 piece - 1 tube 100g or 1 pot 200g

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March 20, 2017 15:55

I've never had dry feet for an entire Winter before- Snow seal made this the first.

After trying so many other products im pleased to say my searching has come to an end. I applied only once and it held through the entire winter! very much recommended!


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