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PATIN-GEL - Distressing Gel

PATIN-GEL is very easy to use and incredibly effective! ✔︎ Perfect for large-scale distressing ✔︎ Gives amazing results ✔︎ more
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Content: 0.5 Litre (€19.90* / 1 Litre)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Beautiful effects with PATIN-GEL

PATIN-GEL is a new special distressing product designed for working on large surfaces.
The colour penetrates the fiber and does not remain on the surface.
That is why a patination with PATIN-GEL looks so authentic.

The water-based jelly-like texture of the gel makes it easy to work into the fiber. 
All PATIN-GELs can be cross mixed to achieve the desired colour tone. 

Farbkarte PATIN-GEL

How to use PATIN-GEL

This slightly pigmented gel can be applied extensively with a large paint brush.

For distressings on a smaller scale, it is best to use our small PATIN-A make up sponge.

Use a little terry cloth towel as a palette to mix colours and for gentle spreading out of the brush or sponge. 

The colour should be applied in a very thin coat. It is better to work with a ‚dry’ paint brush (pass the bush a few times over the cloth until there is very little gel left). The same applies to the sponge, of course. 

Please note: PATIN-GEL cannot be washed easily out of the fibers. 

However, if the costume on which you have applied PATIN-GEL has to be worn several times, you should definitely fix it with PATIN-CREME

Rub a little PATIN-CREME (colour tone ‚Clear‘ or ‚Sweat and collar soil‘) in your hands and massage the cream into the painted area on the costume.

PATIN-GEL auf hellem Hemd

Cleaning tip for PATIN-GEL

It is difficult to wash PATIN-GEL colours out of most fabrics.
We recommend that you have the costumes you do not need any more dry cleaned and tell the dry cleaners that the ‚dirt‘ is water and grease based.
That way, even persistent stains should be easily removed.
A warm machine wash at 60°C twice should also remove the colour completely. 

We regret though that no guarantee can be given for complete removal from the fabric.

Selling unit: 500ml or 1000ml  (larger packagings available on request)

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July 29, 2018 17:48

Geile Erfindung!

Ich habe das Gel testen können und bin schwer begeistert! Die Pigmentierung ist so auf dem Punkt, dass man niemals zu viel aufträgt. Man kann in Schichten arbeiten und die Farben sehr gut untereinander mischen. 10 Punkte Plus!!!

July 8, 2018 13:38

Phantastische Ergebnisse

Das besondere an diesem Patinierprodukt ist die geringe Farbstärke. Damit kann man sogar feine Stoffe patinieren, ohne dass der Träger aussieht, als wenn er in eine Matschgrube gefallen wäre. Patin-Gel wird mein Lieblingspatiniermittel!!! (zwanzig Sterne)

March 8, 2018 15:40

Patin-A Distressing Gel .. Grey

First time using this item and am well pleased with the results .. Will be back at some point for different colours ..

March 1, 2017 09:52

Auch für Laien

Hab damit für meine Kids Mönchskutten beim Fasching bearbeitet. Ließ sich super damit arbeiten und sah super echt oll aus. Den Kiddis hats auch Spaß gemacht, damit rumzumatschen.


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