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Hollywood Cushions - Feel good in any shoe

The luxury insole with silicone nubs - combat aching feet and slipping inside the shoe ✔ For long-lasting wear comfort ✔ mehr
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Content: 1 Pair

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Pamper your feet from ball to heel

We all know - wearing high heeled shoes all day long is guaranteed to cause some pain. The heels and balls of the feet are particularly affected and ache the most.
Now you can forget all the agonies thanks to Hollywood Cushions. You can now wear your favourite Hollywood shoes for hours without feeling pain or slipping out of the shoe.


The luxury insole with silicone nubs

Hollywood Cushions give your feet the special feel-good treatment they need in high heeled shoes or shoes with thin soles. These soft pink gel pads with nubs at the ball and heel absorb shocks, greatly reduce pain due to movement and prevent the feet from burning. You will experience a long-lasting feel-good sensation.
You can also simply use the Hollywood Cushions as insoles to fit better in slightly too-large shoes.

Stick in and go

Peel off the protective film and stick the Hollywood Cushions into your shoe.
The soles can also be removed again in case you wish to wash the Hollywood Cushions. After washing, reactivate the silicone adhesive using a little bit of water and the soles will stick again. But please note that the adhesive power of the glue may decrease slightly over the course of time.
You can also simply lay the Hollywood Cushions into your shoes without sticking then in.

Product details

• Material: silicone
• Magic Happy Feet
• Reusable
• Sizes: S/M (up to European size 37), M/L (from European size 38)

Selling unit: 1 pack (2 pads)

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March 13, 2017 14:08

These will change your life

If you think these could even maybe be helpful for you then GET THEM! I wish I had known about these sooner. They now accompany me wherever I go!

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