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Film Blood - EBA Transfusion Blood

Hyper realistic fake blood - dries in no time with a glossy finish - in 4 colour tones ✔︎ for film, theatre, cosplay, creature design ✔︎ keeps its fresh appearance for days ✔︎ more
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Content: 0.008 Litre (€1,243.75* / 1 Litre)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Transfusion Blood - the quick-drying fake blood with wet look

EBA Transfusion Blood with its unique formulation is a waterproof quick-drying blood that still looks fresh even after hours or days.  
The benefits are clear: Transfusion Blood does not smudge, always stays in its place, does not transfer to other costume pieces (or people) and provides a long-lasting wet look.  
With EBA Transfusion Blood you get an ultra-realistic look that lasts for a very long time and looks like real blood.  

EBA Transfusion Blood: Farbkarte / Nuancier / Colour Chart

No sticky fake blood

Transfusion Blood does not behave like most syrup-based film bloods: it dries quickly, does not roll off and is not sticky. 
It dries completely to a high gloss finish, giving it the look of sticky wet blood. 
Additionally, Transfusion Blood keeps its shape after drying which allows the make-up or costume designer to create realistic effects such as dripping blood, blood splatters and deep wound bleeding. 

The blood colours

Transfusion Blood Line from EBA is a premium stage and film blood that comes in 4 different colour tones:
Bright (arterial)
The Blood (medium dark)
Dark (venial)
Scab (dark brown)

The special blood

• Unique cellulose-based formula
• Fast drying
• Wet gloss finish
• Waterproof
• Smudge/transfer resistant
• Non sticky
• Syrup and sorbitol free
• Removable with alcohol or VAPORE

Can it be washed out of costumes?

Transfusion Blood is not easy to wash out of costumes. You can dissolve the dried blood with alcohol and wash it carefully out of the costume. Always test it on an 'inconspicuous' area. The special thing about this blood is precisely its durability that makes it possible to use costumes with 'blood continuity' several days in a row without having to re-create the blood stain each time.

Removal from the skin:
Take the skin friendly VAPORE from EBA or use a cotton wool ball soaked in alcohol to remove the colour from the skin. Then clean the area with soap and warm water. 

Also important:

The Transfusion Blood Collection is developed, tested and manufactured in the USA by European Body Art in compliance with FDA requirements. 
Contains alcohol.

Content: 8ml / 59 ml / 473 ml 

Selling unit: 1 piece

Recommended Retail prices:
8 ml    $ 8,50 / € 9,95
59 ml    $ 19,00 / €19,95
473 ml    $ 69,00 / € 69,95

Stockist Wholesale prices:
8 ml    $ 4,25 / € 4,78
59 ml    $ 9,50 / € 9,36
473 ml    $ 34,50 / € 29,19

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August 22, 2021 19:00

Perfektes Blut

Dieses Blut ist einfach perfekt. Es fließt wie echtes Blut und trocknet mit einer glänzenden Oberfläche. Auch nach vielen Tagen sieht es noch aus wie am ersten Tag. Ich bin sehr begeistert.

August 19, 2021 16:52

Blutige Angelegenheit

Das Blut fühlt sich sehr angenehm auf der Haut an und ist absolut wischfest sobald es getrocknet ist. Mein Liebling ist Dark Blood.


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