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Dirty-Down Spray - Frost & Snow

Dirty-Down Spray - Frost & Snow is a special patination spray for 'snowing up' costumes and props on the set ✔︎ Perfect for film & theatre ✔︎ more
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Content: 0.4 Litre (€47.38* / 1 Litre)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

A professional patination spray for frost and snow effects

Dirty-Down-Spray Frost & Snow is a special patination spray for authentic frost and snow effects from the Dirty Down range.
Dirty Down Spray is a professional patination spray from England to patinate quickly costumes and props right on set. 
Dirty-Down-Spray is used worldwide in film, theater and events.

Creating a frost effect is so simple

If you wish to create a frost effect over a large surface - a big window for instance - hold the can 300mm to 400mm away from the object you want to 'frost' and press the nozzle only very lightly.
You will achieve the best frost effect with a thin coat.

Snow effect with a 'snow hill'

To create a snow effect hold the can much closer, about 100mm away from the surface and press the nozzle hard. If you spray continuously over one position, you will get a 'snow hill'. From a depth of 20mm, the snow will crack like real snow.
The harder you press the nozzle, the more snow will come out.

Remember for both frost and snow effect:
To achieve an even covering, spray continuously in a regular motion and same distance from the object.
The more often you spray on the same spot, the denser and thicker the covering will become.

Creating rust and mould structures

This Dirty Down Spray can do more than creating a frost and snow look. You can also use it to achieve structures on materials and use it as undercoat for patinations.
After use of this special spray, spray Mould, Nicotine or Rust spray over the created surface and, depending on the spray you used, you will get a genuine moulded surface, an organic surface or cracking rust.

Dirty Down or Condor?

We also carry another frost spray in our range: Condor Foto - Frost Effect Spray. Condor Frost Effect Spray is good for creating finer frost surfaces, whereas Dirty Down Spray is much better for achieving rougher surfaces.

Patinating with Dirty Down - Snow/Frost in just a few seconds

The snow which you have sprayed on with Dirty Down Spray dries within seconds but still remains water soluble after that. For smooth materials, first scratch the spray off and then just wipe it off, using a damp cloth with a bit of washing up liquid.
Usually it can be washed out of costumes without any problems. But please make a little test beforehand for valuable materials.  

Please note (clogged nozzle)

• Make sure to clean the nozzle even if you just want to stop spraying for a short moment. For that purpose, turn the can upside down and spray for approx. two seconds until the nozzle is free of little white particles. 

• If the nozzle happens to be clogged, lay the spray head (just the spray head - without the can) in boiling water.
The snow dissolves and the product is reusable.

Danger warnings:
Use product with care. Always read label and warnings before use. 
Gefahrstoffe - AchtungGefahr: Brennbar
Liquid and vapour easily flammable. Causes severe eye irritation.  
If medical advice is required, have packaging or label ready. Keep out of the reach of children.
Read label before use.
Avoid release into the environment.
Dispose of content/container according to local regulations. 

Selling unit: 1 item - 400ml 

Shipping of flammable liquids
• This product can only be shipped by land.
• We are only allowed to ship flammable liquids with UPS or GLS to certain countries (see below).
• For Germany and Switzerland, shipping with DHL (Switzerland: DHL Premium) is also permitted.

Shipping with UPS is permitted to:
Belgium (BeNeLux), Denmark (postal code area 5000-9990), Germany (mainland only), France (mainland only), Great Britain (mainland only), Italy (mainland only), Liechtenstein, Luxemburg (BeNeLux), Monaco, Netherlands (BeNeLux), Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Spain (mainland only), Portugal (mainland only), Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican City State.

Shipping with GLS is permitted to:
Belgium (BeNeLux), Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France (mainland only), Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg (BeNeLux), Monaco, Netherlands (BeNeLux), Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain (mainland only), Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Vatican City State.

* Please select the appropriate parcel service.

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August 4, 2018 10:43


Wir haben dieses Schneespray im Sommer verwendet und es sah sehr gut aus!

November 4, 2017 12:23

Gutes Schneespray

Um schnell eine Struktur in Patinierungen zu schaffen, kann man das ganz gut mit dem Schneepray. Den Schnee einfach später mit Dirty-Downspray einfärben und fertig ist die Patina. Natürlich kann man das Spray auch super für Schneeoptiken nutzen.


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Content: 0.4 Litre (€47.38* / 1 Litre)

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