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Trickmarker - Sublimation pen with eraser tip

An alternative to tailor’s chalk: self-deleting special marker for transferring patterns onto fabrics ✔︎ Perfect for alterations ✔︎ Professional quality ✔︎ more
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Content: 1 Piece

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

The magic tailor´s chalk!

These trick markers = sublimation pens are excellent for marking fabrics, as the marks will disappear by themselves.
When you work with soft, light fabrics it’s a common problem that ordinary tailor´s chalk marks are hard to get rid of.
Through this self-deleting sublimation pen, this problem is gone for ever!

The fast-deleting ‚pink‘ pen

The pink sublimation pen will remain visible for 10 to 20 hours only.
The advantage being that marks and alterations at short notice will quickly disappear.
This pink pen is perfect if you need a ‚clean‘ result very fast.

The slowly-deleting ‚purple‘ pen

As for the purple sublimation pen, complete deletion will be achieved in two days at the earliest - it may even take up to two weeks for certain fabrics.
Delete time depends on the air humidity and the PH value of the fabric.
If you need a textile marker pen that vanishes slowly, then this one is the right pen for you.

‚Premature‘ deletion

Each pen is provided with a useful eraser tip.
It allows to remove the marking immediately from the fabrics without leaving residues.
You will find a lot of pens on the market without this feature. Take no risks and always go for a pen with delete function, as the marks may stay longer than expected in the textile, depending on the fabric quality!

Great for your hobby

Our magic textile markers are excellent for fabric painting too.
Draw or transfer patterns or characters with the felt pen before starting to paint. The sketched out lines will soon disappear like magic.

Line width: 1 mm
Colour: pink or purple


Selling unit: 1 piece

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June 18, 2018 19:33

Gut für helle Stoffe

Für helle Stoffe nehme ich keine Schneiderkreide mehr, da diese sich meist nur auswaschen läßt. Die Sublimatstifte sind hervorragend, da sie sich nach ein paar Stunden selbst löschen. Falls man das Kleidungsstück früher benötigt, kann man die Strichreste auch mit einem feuchten Tuch entfernen - oder der Löschspitze.

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