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See-Through Plastic Bag XL with Carrying Handle

Extremely strong large see-through carrier bag with handles ✔ Perfect for costume transport ✔ High quality only from PATIN-A ✔ more
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Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Extra large & extra strong

Finally a strong see-through plastic bag fit for carrying or storing large or heavy costume parts and props. 
Comes in handy especially for fittings of extras, as the complete costume, including hat or boots, can be bundled to a hanger along with the clothes. 
Ordinary plastic carrier bags are often too small and not strong enough - they tear easily if you want to use them to carry or store shoes or boots.

The measure of all things...

Large bags like the ones we know from shopping are rather useless for costume departments as they cannot be filled up to their full capacity. Our high quality carrier bag is extremely tear resistant and has two strong carrying handles. And it can be filled up to the top, which is not possible with 'normal' plastic bags. That way no 'storage' space is wasted.
Through its thickness of 70µm - an 'ordinary' carrier bag has between 40 and 50µm - our bag can easily carry up to 12 to 15 kg.
Through the bottom fold of the bag (16cm), even large costume parts like boots, purses or hats find enough space.
This bag is simply indispensable!

Our contribution to environmental protection

🌿 We have these clear film products, such as garment bags or carrier bags, manufactured exclusively from LDPE regenerate. 

What is regenerate? 

Regenerated materials or reclaim consist of plastic waste - this is recycled, regranulated and processed into new films. 

You will see almost no difference to the usual clear plastic films as very high-quality LDPE reclaim (granulate) is used. 

These products are manufactured in Germany.

Article details

• Material: LDPE
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 500 x 600 x 160mm
• Thickness: 70µm

Please note that the items in the bags are just decoration.

Selling unit: 1 piece

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August 5, 2018 11:23


Perfekte Größe und sehr stabil! Die Tasche lässt sich gut wiederverwenden und die Henkel sind perfekt.

February 25, 2017 17:40

Tolle Tüte!

Endlich eine Tasche speziell für große Kostümteile und dann auch noch stabil! Durch die Henkel kann man die Tüte direkt ans Kostüm hängen. Die Tragetaschen sind zwar teurer als die dünnen transparenten Tüten - aber jeden Cent wert!!! Keine Produktion mehr ohne diese praktischen Tragetaschen

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