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XL Rail Divider with Labelling Field

Long, extra large size dividers - really easy to label ✔︎ Will fit on any clothes rail! ✔︎ The matching labels are likewise available from PATIN-A ✔︎ more
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€1.55 *

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

The must-have for sorting clothes

In costume rooms, wardrobes, costume stocks and with clothes manufacturers one usually finds a huge amount of clothes, outfits and props. To keep an overview, rail dividers are essential.

These long white and very stable rail dividers have the advantage of fitting nearly every rail. Another advantage is they can very easily be changed place.

A choice of three different colours makes sorting even easier

Thanks to the labels in 3 different colours which fit exactly the fields on both sides of the dividers, these can easily be 're-labelled'. If you want to reuse the dividers later in another project you will aways have neat dividers and a uniform appearance.

A large surface for marking

If you do not want to stick labels on them, these plastic dividers can of course also be marked with a waterproof pen. The labelling surface is very big and the dividers stick out a little higher than "normal" dividers.

Size dividers in comparison ("Normal hole dividers" compared with "Big rail dividers")


Particularly popular with costume departments


We have very often had requests from costume departments to include precisely these dividers in our range.

If you're interested in rail dividers with exchangeable cards, we recommend our dividers with insert. 

Article details:

• Measures (L x W): 23.5 x 9.3cm
• Width of hole: 3.5cm
• Size labelling surface: 8.5 x 6.5cm



Selling unit: 1 item

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July 6, 2017 17:26

Meine Einteiler Favoriten

Diese sind meine absoluten Favoriten unter den Einteilern, weil man dank der Sticker super schnell neu beschriften kann. Die längliche Form ragt halt nach oben und nicht zur Seite wie bei den Einteilern in Bügelform. Für mich wirkt es dadurch übersichtlicher, aber das ist wohl auch Geschmackssache. Was mir auch noch gut gefällt ist die große Fläche zum Beschriften. Und dass man halt so schnell die Beschriftung ändern kann. Mir dauert das mit den Pappkärtchen manchmal einfach zu lange. Wie gesagt, ist wohl alles eine Frage der persönlichen Vorlieben, aber ich empfehle immer diese hier :)


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