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Traditional Leather Polish - Emma Opitz

Select oils, waxes and scents turn simple leather care into a wellbeing product for your shoes, bags and accessories ☆ more
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Content: 0.06 Litre (€249.17* / 1 Litre)

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A composition made from rich oils and waxes…

and also an incredible aroma that turns leather care into a wonderful experience.
Lederwichser is an outstanding shoe polish.
It is manufactured at the Berlin leather factory 'Emma Opitz’ with love and care, following an old recipe using the finest components which are introduced gently by hand. 

Protection against dirt, moisture, snow and salt

Rich oils, the best bee’s and carnauba waxes and exquisite fragrance oils - these are the ingredients in this leather care product.
The oils nourish the leather without drying it out. The combination of waxes ensures long-term sealing and protects from moisture, snow stains and salt stains.

Rub in and buff

To prepare the leather you should clean it with a moist sponge or soft cloth and leave to dry.
Compress a small amount of the wax with your finger, leaving the wax inside the jar, in order to release the oils in the wax.
Then take a small piece (about the size of a pea or hazelnut) out of the jar and spread Lederwichser onto the leather and seams using your hands.
Don't apply too much - less is more!
Circular movements in addition to your body temperature melt the waxes and let them penetrate deeply into the leather.
Wax left on seams and eyelets can be easily removed with a brush or a cloth.
After drying you should buff the leather to a high gloss with a good shoe shine brush (such as the beautiful Redecker Shoe Shine Brushes).
In the case that you prefer matt leather then simply skip the polishing.

Who is Emma Opitz?

'Emma Opitz‘ is an innovative leather factory in Berlin.
The company became known through their 'Lederlinge‘ - unusual keychains made of a combination of leather, hemp and linen.
Nowadays their product line also includes hand made cases, bags and accessories.

Please note: shoe brush is only decoration.

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Selling unit: 1 piece (60ml)

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April 8, 2020 19:58

Na sowas

Na sowas. Hab mir zuerst letzte Woche Lederfarbe bei PATIN-A gekauft und meine runtergekommenen Lieblingsschuhe und eine Aktentasche aufgepeppt und Montag nochmal im Shop geblättert auf der Suche nach Pflegeprodukten. Die Wahl fiel auf ‚‘Emma Opitz Lederwichser‘. Die Anleitungen, die der Shop anbietet sind gut verständlich und unkompliziert. Meine Lederschuhe sehen alle wieder aus wie aus dem Ei gepellt. Und sehr gute Bürsten haben die auch.


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