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Foot Support Sole Venus Ecologic - 100% Sustainable

The sustainable & comfy support sole prevents pain caused by standing or walking for hours ✔ breathable, absorbent, antifungal, antibacterial ✔ mehr
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Content: 1 Pair

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

The classy support insole - 100% natural, vegan and sustainable

The VENUS ECOLOGIC insole features three different support areas: the flexible internal and transverse arch, the metatarsal pad and the soft heel cap. 
The weight of the body is distributed evenly and the foot sole is stabilised.   
VENUS ECOLOGIC is made from natural, biologically sound and renewable raw materials. This insole is vegan and sustainable.  
The Footsanit VENUS ECOLOGIC gives your foot a pleasant, healthy foot climate.   
Footsanit Eco - the new line with 100% natural, vegan and sustainable insoles.


The sole that reduces pain and prevents foot odour 

The VENUS ECOLOGIC Insole achieves a significant reduction in pain for people with tired and aching feet caused by standing for hours or long journeys (Fascitis plantaris).
It provides great comfort in the tread.  

The plant products from which Footsanit VENUS ECOLOGIC consists are rosemary, sage, cotton, sisal and most of all rice. 
The ingredients are extremely breathable, antifungal, antibacterial and have absorbent properties.
They remove bad odours and reduce excessive sweat on the feet and in shoes. Plant-based aromatic substances pamper the nose and feet. 

The structure of this special sustainable feel-good sole 

1st layer: 
65% recycled cotton 30% polyester 5% other fibres.
The sweat is absorbed by the porous cotton before being passed on to the second layer, sisal.

2nd layer: 
85% recycled sisal fibres from coffee bags + 15% natural latex - odour absorber from microfine plant powder of rosemary, thyme, sage and ground rice.

The sweat is absorbed by the sisal fibre, the rice and the powdered plants, removing odours, preventing fungi and bacteria and reducing excess perspiration. 
It exudes a pleasant rosemary, thyme and sage aroma, even during use. 

3rd layer: 
• Arch support from 100% recycled polypropylene
• Metatarsal pad from recycled SBR synthetic latex
• Heel pad from recycled SBR synthetic latex.

The VENUS ECOLOGIC insole does not move around in the shoe nor crease or go out of shape. 

Article details

• Material: Recycled cotton and sisal fibres, rosemary, thyme, sage and rice / synthetic latex (SBR) (partly recycled
• Sizes: EU 36 - 47 / UK 3.5 - 12  / US 5.5 - 14
• Colour: natural

Selling unit: 1 pair (2 soles)

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