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Solo Goya Masking Marker: Medium 2-4mm - Kreul

Masking Marker 'Medium 2-4mm' for leather, paper, plastics ✔︎ Masking of surfaces has never been so easy ✔︎ For sneakers, water colours, leather painting etc. more
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Content: 1 Piece

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Masking is easy peasy: on any surface 

Solo Goya Masking Markers are a very practical alternative or supplement of masking tape. 
The smallest strokes or large areas with razorsharp edges can be masked in seconds.  
This Solo Goya Masking Marker is a Fine-Liner for very fine strokes of a width of 2 - 4mm (also available at PATIN-A: Masking Marker Fine 1 - 2mm) , perfect also for surfaces. 
This new type of masking is removable scratch-off crepe from the fineliner marker.  
Whether airbrush, water colours or leather dyeing/painting - this masking holds on almost all surfaces.  
Painting sneakers has never been so easy. 

Kreul Masking Marker

How do I mask surfaces without a cutter knife?

Precise lettering and sharp-edged lines amidst flowing paint are no problem for the SOLO GOYA Masking Marker.
The rubbery liquid in the pen is applied to the desired area. 
It dries quickly and can then be painted.  
Once everything is dry, the rubber masking can be removed (rubbed away) with your fingertip or an eraser (e.g. Dust-free plastic eraser) without leaving any residue.  

TIP: The masking rubber is best removed after drying or within two days.  

Tips for a long marker life

The marker tip can dry out very quickly and become unusable due to the rubber milk in the marker. 
It is therefore essential to rinse the marker tip with lukewarm water after each use. 
The marker tip can be cleaned very easily by holding it between thumb and forefinger and pulling it out of the marker.  
After rinsing, dab the tip with a paper tissue and put it back immediately.  

But if the tip dries out completely, we have a set of 5 spare marker tips in our range. 


• Removable rub-off crepe / Masking medium in marker form
• Water based
• For precise and sharp-edged lines
• Dries quickly
• Can be rubbed off without leaving any residue after drying

It is essential to shake it well before use! Then press the tip in several times until the blue liquid is visible. The tip automatically comes forward again.

Selling unit: 1 piece

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Solo Goya Masking Marker: Fine 1-2mm - Kreul
Masking Marker 'Fine 1-2mm' for leather, paper, plastic ✔︎ Masking surfaces has never been so easy ✔︎ For sneakers, water colours, leather painting etc.

Peel-Off-Marker - ESBE
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Solo Goya Masking Marker: Medium 2-4mm - Kreul
Masking Marker 'Medium 2-4mm' for leather, paper, plastics ✔︎ Masking of surfaces has never been so easy ✔︎ For sneakers, water colours, leather painting etc.

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