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Silk & Clean Wipes

Gently removes even stubborn stains! ✔︎ Ideal for use on oil and grease stains ✔︎ Packed individually - you can keep these in any or all your bags ✔︎ more
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Content: 5 Piece (€1.39* / 1 Piece)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Coffee, tea stains and co. don't stand a chance

A stain on your beautiful silk tie or on your gorgeous new silk dress? 'Silk & Clean' is the perfect stain removal on silk and other luxury fabrics - when the job has to be done quickly!
The handy little pack contains 5 individually packed wipes - that makes Silk & Clean ideal on the set or for travelling. 

The stain is gone in seconds - how does that work?

cleaning tissue that removes the stain without leaving an unattractive rim.
The cleaning principle is comparable to dry cleaning, but only the stain being treated.
The ingredients of Silk & Clean are harmless both for the fabric and for the environment.

Silk & Clean or On The Spot - the difference

Silk & Clean dissolves oil and grease stains particularly well.  
It can also be used against water based stains like coffee, tea, soy sauce or ketchup. Stains on a water basis have to be moistured with water first using a thin damp cloth to dissolve the colour pigments. Then just continue treatment with the Silk & Clean Wipe.
For fruit, berries or beetroot stains on wool, cotton or other fibres, we recommend On The Spot that is particularly suitable for water-soluble stains. With this, even wine stains can be removed in the blink of an eye.  

Step by step - this is how to do it

1. Water soluble stains like tea, coffee, ketchup etc. have to be pretreated with a thin water soaked cloth in order to dissolve the colour pigments. 

2. Take the Silk & Clean Wipe out of the pack and please do not unfold it! This is very important as the solvents would evaporate too quickly from the unfolded tissue. But you can reverse it and fold it again to have a clean side.
With the folded wipe rub the stain away quickly and firmly (going from the middle to the outside - in all directions).  

3. To avoid rings forming: 
Wipe in larger and larger rings over the stain until the liquid has evaporated completely (for approx. 1 minute). Repeat operation several times with stubborn stains!

Selling unit: 1 box
(5 pcs, packed individually)

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April 7, 2020 08:40

Bluse gerettet

Habe am Wochenende auf meiner Lieblings-Seidenbluse einen ?????Fleck entdeckt. Hab mich echt nicht ran getraut und das Internet durchforstet, ob es Hilfe gibt. Bin auf diese Tücher gestossen und hab sie trotz meiner Skepsis bestellt. Schon nach zwei Tagen waren sie da trotz Krise und ich bin wirklich glücklich. Fleck nach Anweisung behandelt, Bluse wie neu! Und was Süßes gabs auch noch. Tolles Produkt und nette Firma. Was will man mehr???

July 8, 2018 16:59

Gegen jeden Fleck

Diese Tücher entfernen jeden Fleck und sind sehr sanft zu den Stoffen. Bisher habe ich noch nie Farbe aus einem Kleidungsstück entfernt - nur den Fleck. Die Tütchen kann man in jeder noch so kleinen Tasche transportieren.


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