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Hopps - the (Hot Water Bottle) Bunny 0,8 l
Bunny Hoppsy Hot Water Bottle 0,8 l
An adorable soft fluffy bunny with a 0.8 l hot water bottle in the tummy ❤︎ Warms and comforts you ❤︎ Quality Made in Germany ❤︎
Sooo cute and sooo warm Hoppsy - the cosiest bunny on earth - with a 0.8 l rubber hot water bottle in its tummy. Bunny Hoppsy is a funny, thick cuddly toy and at the same time a hot water bottle. Whether children on the set or adults -...
19.95 € *
Wärmflaschen-Eisbär Kanuk 0,8 L
Hot Water Bottle - Polar Bear Kanuk 0.8 l
A big fluffy polar bear with a 0.8 l hot water bottle in its tummy and wearing a striped bandana ✔︎ So snuggly! ✔︎
The cold disappears with Kanuk There are lots of different hot water bottles. Our cuddly and soft polar bear Kanuk is the perfect mix of a hot water bottle and a soft toy. This is not only much prettier but also improves the function of...
19.95 € *
Hot Water Bottle Sheep Dolly 0.8 l
Hot Water Bottle - Sheep Dolly 0.8 l
A fur fabric sheep lying on its tummy with a 0.8 l hot water bottle inside ✔︎ Dolly has soft and cuddly fur ✔︎ So snuggly! ✔︎
Soft and cuddly and cosy and warm - all in one In the cold season, with storms and rain, temperatures below zero and snow days, a hot water bottle is an absolute must-have. Even more so if it is enclosed in a cuddly and soft toy - that...
19.95 € *
Hot-Water-Bottle Chicken Babsy 0.8L
Hot Water Bottle - Chicken Bertha 0.8L
Patchwork fur fabric chicken with a 0.8 l hot water bottle in its tummy - to love and cuddle ❤︎ Quality Made in Germany ❤︎
Bertha - the crazy chicken It’s impossible not to love crosseyed Bertha! This patchwork chicken is soft and funny and has a 0.8 l hot water bottle in its tummy. Cosy warmth - all night long It’s fun to detect all the lovely little...
19.95 € *
Sänger Footwarmers (with Hot Water Bottle) - 2.0 l
Footwarmer with 2 L Hot Water Bottle - Saenger
Soft and snuggly foot warmer with a 2 l hot water bottle ✔ Made from lovely soft plush material ✔ Quality from Sänger available in 2 different...
Cuddly, soft and wonderfully warm The Sänger® foot warmers are made from a lovely soft plush material. Feet and ankles are kept warm by resting comfortably on top of a rubber hot water bottle. Each foot is enclosed separately up to the...
22.95 € *
Gummimatte - zum Altern von Kleidung
Rubber Bathmat for Aging (Stonewashed Effect)
With these extra strong rubber mats you can age and destroy costumes and props in the dryer - fast and easy ✔︎ Quality at little cost ✔︎
Costumes with stonewashed effect With these extra strong rubber mats, costumes can very easily be aged and destroyed in the dryer. The mat allows you to achieve the perfect stonewashed effect. Old from new T-shirts with or without print...
From 10.95 € *
Replacement Stoppers (Hot Water Bottle)
Replacement Stoppers (Hot Water Bottle)
These hot water bottle screw caps fit perfectly all Saenger & Prima rubber hot water bottles ✔︎ 2 x Replacement stoppers for hot water bottles ✔︎
If a stopper is missing ... These replacement plastic stoppers (2 items) fit our 0.8 l and 2.0 l hot water bottles. This is how you will find the right stopper: * If your hot water bottle has a metal thread in the opening of the bottle -...
2.65 € *
Content 2 Piece (1.33 € * / 1 Piece)
2 L Hot Water Bottle + Classic Fleece Cover - Saenger
2 L Hot Water Bottle + Classic Fleece Cover -...
2.0 litre hot water bottle with a soft and cuddly fleece cover in matching colours ✔ 'Made in Germany' quality from Sänger ✔ Low-cost at PATIN-A ✔
Soft and cuddly 2 liter hot water bottle with fleece cover Each cover comes complete with a 2.0 litre rubber hot water bottle in matching colour (blue bottle and blue cover). All the covers are machine washable at 30° C This Sänger® hot...
7.95 € *
2 L Hot Water Bottle with Velours Cover  - Saenger
2 L Hot Water Bottle with Velours Cover - Saenger
Soft and snuggly in 3 fantastic colours ✔ Our new velours covers on the popular 2.0 l hot water bottles ✔ 'Made in Germany' quality at low-cost...
Our warm cuddly wellbeing product The 2.0 L hot water bottle in its beautiful velours cover - soft and wonderfully snuggly. A hot water bottle by Sänger® is one-piece moulded! This is very important as these bottles cannot burst through...
8.95 € *
Sänger Wärmflasche + Flauschbezug 0.8 L
Hot Water Bottle 0.8 L Sänger + Velours Cover
0,8l hot water bottle with velours cover in a pretty embossed mint green flower design ✔ 'Made in Germany' quality at low cost from PATIN-A ✔
Soft and cuddly and looks good This 0.8 litre hot water bottle is enclosed in a beautiful velours cover with embossed flower design: it is soft and cuddly and the cover does not pill. The 0.8 litre hot water bottle by Sänger® is...
7.95 € *
Sänger - 2.0 l Rubber Hot Water Bottle
2 L Rubber Hot Water Bottle - Saenger
Safe & large 2.0 l 100% natural rubber hot water bottles ✔ in 4 fantastic colours ✔︎ Sänger - Quality Made in Germany ✔︎ Great value from PATIN-A ✔︎
My hot water bottle - my friend These 2.0 l bottles come in 4 beautiful colours. Sänger hot water bottles are extremely safe, beautiful and soothing. Most important though is the safety. Sänger has developed a new production method: a...
6.45 € *
2 L Rubber Hot Water Bottle with Handle - Saenger
2 L Rubber Hot Water Bottle with Handle -...
Safety through incorporated rubber handle ✔ Safe handling and emptying ✔ Sänger - 2.0l hot water bottle ✔ Quality Made in Germany ✔
Absolutely safe ! This rubber hot water bottle with safety handle by Sänger is very easy and safe to fill and to empty! Thanks to the handle the bottle sits well in the hand and one does not have to be afraid to get scalded when filling...
9.45 € *
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