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Redecker Suede Brush with Handle
Suede Brush with Handle - Redecker
Suede Brush with Handle for stubborn stains on suede ✔︎ High-quality German craftsmanship from the brush manufacturer Redecker ✔︎
Two types of bristles for twice as much cleanliness Removing stubborn dirt from rough leathers? Redecker Luxury Handle Brush with its special bristle structure can do that and is a real eye catcher too. The brass wires penetrate the...
7.95 € *
Redecker Polish Applicator Brush Diabolo
Polish Applicator Brush Diabolo - Redecker
Inexpensive and high-quality mini polish applicator brush from Redecker ✔︎ Perfect for tins of shoe polish ✔︎ Fine horsehair for your best shoes ✔︎
Small brush - great effect Applying shoe polish on structured leather, finest decorations and decorative stitchings is now very easy with our smallest applicator brush. This Diabolo Applicator Brush from the traditional manufacturer...
2.45 € *
Redecker Luxury Polish Applicator Brush (cone-shaped)
Luxury Polish Applicator Brush (cone-shaped) -...
A beautifully designed small luxury polish brush from Redecker ✔︎ Perfect for your luxury shoes ✔︎
The special polish applicator brushes It's a real pleasure to clean shoes resp. apply polish with this classy little polish applicator brush. A real eye-catcher with an exceptional design and a 'must-have' for every shoe fan for perfect...
4.45 € *
Redecker Nubuck Leather Brush
Nubuck Leather Brush - Redecker
Handy brush from brush manufacturer Redecker ✔︎ for gentle cleaning of superior nubuck leather ✔︎ Boar hair bristles & beech wood body ✔︎
THE LITTLE HELPER FOR IN-BETWEEN Nubuck, suede and smooth leathers have to be cleaned and cared for in a very different way. This small Redecker Nubuck Leather Cleaning Brush is the perfect tool for caring for quality nubuck leather...
8.95 € *
Redecker Luxury Shoe Shine Brushes
Luxury Shoe Shine Brushes - Redecker
High quality shoe shine brushes from brush manufacturer Redecker ✔︎ with extra long horsehair (available in light, dark and split horsehair styles) ✔︎
Extra long bristles for a perfect polish Luxury footwear and premium leather pieces need to be treated gently and shine beautifully to look their best. Along with application of shoe polish, polishing is paramount for achieving a glossy,...
From 13.95 € *
Redecker Pocket Clothes Brush
Pocket Clothes Brush - Redecker
The small & practical clothes brush - fits in any hand bag or in your jacket pocket ✔ Professional quality from the brush maker Redecker ✔
Features of the clothes brush The smallest clothes brush by the traditional manufacturer Redecker fits any hand bag or even into your jacket pocket. Despite its small size it sits comfortably in the hand. Two rows of black bristles are...
5.45 € *
Redecker Cashmere Brush
Cashmere Brush - Redecker
Luxury brush for luxury fabrics - perfect for your fine cashmeres ✔ Professional quality from brush maker Redecker ✔
The right care for exclusive and fine fabrics This Redecker Cashmere Brush is suitable for finest cashmere fabrics and knitwear! Finest cashmere fabrics and knitwear deserve adequate care and cleaning. The Redecker Cashmere Brush...
29.95 € *
Redecker Clothes Brush with Handle: Natural Bristle with Bronze Wire
Clothes Brush with Handle: Natural Bristles +...
A special product from brush maker Redecker ✔ Bronze wire and natural bristle mix twinned with a comfortable handle makes removing lint balls...
The mix makes the difference This quality clothes brush from the traditional manufacturer Redecker features black, strong natural bristles and bronze wire in a unique mix. This brush is universally usable. The soft bronze wires remove...
33.95 € *
Redecker Yak Hair Shoe Shine Brush with Handle
Yak Hair Shoe Shine Brush with Handle - Redecker
Premium shoe shine brush made of the finest yak hair for an unparalleled shine on your shoes ✔︎ Amazing craftsmanship from brush maker Redecker ✔︎
A masterpiece among brushes Finest yak hair makes this brush a masterpiece in the art of making brushes. The production of this quality hand-filled Redecker Yak Hair Shoe Shine Brush is very time-consuming and real craftsmanship. This...
49.95 € *
Redecker Yak-Haar Glanzbürste mit Bügelgriff
Goat Hair Shoe Shine Brush with Handle - Redecker
Fine goat's hair luxury shoe shine brush for an unrivalled gloss on your shoes ✔︎ Hand-made by the brush-maker Redecker ✔︎
Wellbeing for your shoes Featuring the long fine hair of the chinese goat and professionally handcrafted, this shoe shine brush is a highlight in the art of making brushes. The production of a Redecker Goat Hair Shoe Shine Brush is very...
43.95 € *
Redecker Goat Hair Dust Brush
Goat Hair Dust Brush - Redecker
High-end brush from the manufacturer Redecker ✔︎ For dusting, spreading powder or creating distressing effects with PATIN-POWDER ✔︎
The extra soft dust and powder brush The Redecker Dust Brush is perfectly suited for applying PATIN-POWDER or for dusting delicate surfaces of fine objects. These brushes are very high quality and hand made. A special combination of...
From 10.95 € *
Redecker Furniture Brush for PATIN-POWDER
Furniture Brush (for PATIN-POWDER) - Redecker
Durable furniture brush from the brush maker Redecker ✔︎ Makes dusting and distressing with PATIN-POWDER a breeze ✔︎
The useful furniture and powder brush Redecker Furniture Brush es are perfectly suited for applying PATIN-POWDER or for dusting furniture. These brushes are hand made. A real work tool The strong light bristles are soft enough to apply...
6.95 € *
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