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Polishing Cloth - fine
Polishing Cloth - fine
The soft, white cloth for cleaning shoes, applying shoe polish and polishing to a high shine ✔︎ Comes in handy for many jobs ✔︎
The allrounder when cleaning your shoes This good, soft, white cotton cloth should not be missing in any shoe-polish box. It's an extremely useful polishing cloth that comes in handy for many jobs. Cotton is particularly gentle to...
2.25 € *
Content 1 Piece
Redecker Yak-Haar Glanzbürste mit Bügelgriff
Goat Hair Shoe Shine Brush with Handle - Redecker
Fine goat's hair luxury shoe shine brush for an unrivalled gloss on your shoes ✔︎ Hand-made by the brush-maker Redecker ✔︎
Wellbeing for your shoes Featuring the long fine hair of the chinese goat and professionally handcrafted, this shoe shine brush is a highlight in the art of making brushes. The production of a Redecker Goat Hair Shoe Shine Brush is very...
43.95 € *
Redecker Polish Applicator Brush Diabolo
Polish Applicator Brush Diabolo - Redecker
Inexpensive and high-quality mini polish applicator brush from Redecker ✔︎ Perfect for tins of shoe polish ✔︎ Fine horsehair for your best shoes ✔︎
Small brush - great effect Applying shoe polish on structured leather, finest decorations and decorative stitchings is now very easy with our smallest applicator brush. This Diabolo Applicator Brush from the traditional manufacturer...
2.45 € *
Redecker Goat Hair Dust Brush
Goat Hair Dust Brush - Redecker
High-end brush from the manufacturer Redecker ✔︎ For dusting, spreading powder or creating distressing effects with PATIN-POWDER ✔︎
The extra soft dust and powder brush The Redecker Dust Brush is perfectly suited for applying PATIN-POWDER or for dusting delicate surfaces of fine objects. These brushes are very high quality and hand made. A special combination of...
From 9.95 € *
Redecker Hat Brush
Hat Brush - Redecker
Perfect brushes to give perfect hats ✔ Light and dark bristles for light and strong dirtiness ✔ Professional quality from Redecker available at...
The manageable Redecker Hat Brushes are a standard in costume stocks and for modistes. Historical costume productions cannot do without a hat brush! We have two different kinds of hat brushes in our range - a strong one and a very fine...
From 10.95 € *
Redecker Clothes Brush - Natural Bristle with Traditional Motive
Clothes Brush: Natural Bristles + Motif - Redecker
Small and practical clothes brush with embossed motif on a pearwood handle ✔ For use on any fabric ✔ Redecker professional quality ✔
This small clothes brush with black natural bristles is always at hand and really useful. The hard bristles remove lint and hair fast and gentle to the fabric. On the wooden body there is an embossed traditional motif (cuckoo clock, stag...
9.95 € *
Redecker Natural Rubber Lint Brush
Natural Rubber Lint Brush - Redecker
Beautiful brush featuring a wooden, lacquered body and pure natural rubber 'bristles' ✔ A masterpiece of brush crafting ✔ A professional clothes...
Features of the Lint Brush This Natural Rubber Lint Brush by Redecker is a very special brush! It removes lint, pet hair, dandruff from clothing, blankets and upholstery. Use of the Lint Brush What is so special about it: the natural...
From 19.95 € *
Redecker Clothes Brush with Handle: Natural Bristle with Bronze Wire
Clothes Brush with Handle: Natural Bristles +...
A special product from brush maker Redecker ✔ Bronze wire and natural bristle mix twinned with a comfortable handle makes removing lint balls...
This strong clothes brush has a 'bristle'mix of natural bristles and bronze wire. It is suited for every type of fabric and very helpful to remove those little lint balls from your sweaters. Can also be used for upholstery care. The...
24.95 € *
Redecker Pocket Clothes Brush
Pocket Clothes Brush - Redecker
The small and practical clothes brush - fits in any hand bag or in your jacket pocket ✔ Professional quality from the brush maker Redecker ✔
The smallest clothes brush by the traditional manufacturer Redecker fits any hand bag or even into your jacket pocket. Despite its small size it sits comfortably in the hand. Two rows of black bristles are strong enough to brush lint and...
5.45 € *
Redecker Cashmere Brush
Cashmere Brush - Redecker
Luxury brush for luxury fabrics - perfect for your fine cashmeres ✔ Professional quality from brush maker Redecker ✔
The Redecker Cashmere Brush is suitable for finest cashmere fabrics and knitwear! Use it to remove dust, dirt or hair from your luxury woolen fabric. This brush consists of an inner part of stiff black bristles and an outer row of light,...
22.95 € *
Redecker Luxury Polish Applicator Brush (cone-shaped)
Luxury Polish Applicator Brush (cone-shaped) -...
A beautifully designed small luxury polish brush from Redecker ✔︎ Perfect for luxury shoes ✔︎ Features horsehair bristles and a beech wood body ✔︎
It's a real pleasure to clean shoes resp. apply polish with this classy little polish applicator brush. A real eye-catcher with an exceptional design and a 'must-have' for every shoe fan for perfect creaming of those precious pieces. The...
4.45 € *
Redecker Furniture Brush for PATIN-POWDER
Furniture Brush (for PATIN-POWDER) - Redecker
Durable furniture brush from the brush maker Redecker ✔︎ Makes dusting and distressing with PATIN-POWDER a breeze ✔︎
The useful furniture and powder brush Redecker Furniture Brush es are perfectly suited for applying PATIN-POWDER or for dusting furniture. These brushes are hand made. A real work tool The strong light bristles are soft enough to apply...
6.95 € *
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