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Rapide Leatherwax
Leatherwax - Rapide
High quality carnauba wax and beeswax impregnates and nourishes nubuck and smooth leather ✔︎ Available in neutral and in black ✔︎
Leather care with Rapide Leatherwax Rapide Leatherwax waterproofs nubuck and smooth leathers. Sports- and outdoor shoes need special care! Rapide Leatherwax makes your shoes waterrepellent - thanks to beeswax and Carnauba wax. Carnauba...
From 2.95 € *
Content 0.15 Liter (19.67 € * / 1 Liter)
Rapide Tech Wash - Funktionstextilien-Waschmittel
Tech Wash: Functional Textile Detergent - Rapide
Special detergent for breathable and waterproof clothing ✔ Frees the membranes from dirt and leaves them feeling fresher ✔
Washing of breathable garments The premium mild detergent for breathable outdoor clothing by Rapide! Rapide Tech Wash maintains the specific properties of breathable and waterproof garments. Special fabrics need special detergents!...
8.95 € *
Content 0.3 Liter (29.83 € * / 1 Liter)
Rapide Waxcoating - Wax Cotton Dressing
Leather Cream - Rapide
Premium leather fat for use in regular leather maintenance ✔︎ Available in neutral or black ✔︎ Suitable for all smooth leather products ✔︎
Leather care with Rapide Ledercreme The leather cream Rapide Ledercreme is a premium leather fat for the regular care of smooth leather. Give your bags, boots, saddles or bridles (and much more) a bit of extra care. The leather fat...
5.95 € *
Content 0.15 Liter (39.67 € * / 1 Liter)
Rapide Waxcoating - Wax Cotton Dressing
Waxcoating (Wax Cotton Dressing) - Rapide
Wax dressing for the first treatment and retreatment of waxed cotton fabrics ✔ Fantastic quality ✔ Easy to use ✔
For the first treatment and retreatment of waxed cotton fabrics. Rapide Waxcoating restores ad refreshens the water repellency of all waxed articles ( clothing and equipment). Use Rapide Waxcoating for nourishing and reproofing waxed...
6.45 € *
Content 0.3 Liter (21.50 € * / 1 Liter)
Rapide Tex-Waterproof Spray-On / Proofer
Tex-Waterproof Spray-On (Proofer) - Rapide
Useful ecofriendly proofing spray for your outdoor (sports) clothing and tents, parasols, storage bags, backpacks, etc. ✔ Easy to use - very...
Water based proofing Perfect to make the outer layer of your outdoor (sports) clothing water and dirt repellent. Tex-Waterproof Spray-On does not affect the breathability of hard and/or soft shells. Improve the effectiveness of the...
11.95 € *
Content 0.3 Liter (39.83 € * / 1 Liter)
Rapide Waterproofspray / Proofing Spray 200ml
Waterproof Spray (Proofing Spray) - Rapide
Top quality spray for proofing textiles and leather quick and easy ✔ Does not glue the fibres: important for functional clothing ✔
Waterproof leather and textiles fast and easy This top quality proofing spray by Rapide imparts leather and textiles (including breathable and watertight functional clothing) highest impregnability. It also works as a strong dirt...
From 5.95 € *
Content 0.2 Liter (29.75 € * / 1 Liter)
Rapide - Wax Cotton Proofer Spray
Wax Cotton Proofer Spray - Rapide
Waterproofing spray for waxed cotton ✔ Replaces and refreshes the water repellent function of all waxed cotton clothing ✔
Specially designed for waxed cotton It's a spray - easy to apply thinly and evenly. Replaces and refreshes the water repellent function of all waxed clothing. Revives appearance. Restores water repellency. Ideal for Kakadu, Lavenham,...
8.95 € *
Content 0.3 Liter (29.83 € * / 1 Liter)
Rapide Leather Wash
Leather Wash - Rapide
Highly concentrated detergent for machine washing and hand washing leather and wool ✔ Outstanding quality - low price ✔
Leather Cleaning with Rapide Leather Wash Rapide Leather Wash is suitable as a washing machine detergent as well as hand wash detergent for leather clothing. Leather Wash is highly concentrated and very economical. Rapide Leather Wash...
9.95 € *
Content 0.3 Liter (33.17 € * / 1 Liter)
Rapide Shoecream for Smooth Leather
Shoecream for Smooth Leather - Rapide
Rapide shoe cream protects and nourishes your favourite shoes ✔︎ It makes the leather shine as well as water-repellent ✔︎ Great quality ✔︎
Leathercare with Rapide Shoecream Rapide Shoecream for Smooth Leather protects and nourishes your favourite shoes. The cream makes the leather shine and moreover water-repellent. Use of Rapide Shoe Cream for Smooth Leather • Remove shoe...
3.95 € *
Content 0.05 Liter (79.00 € * / 1 Liter)
Rapide Leathergel
Leathergel - Rapide
The nourishing care for smooth leather in the form of a gel ✔︎ Leather can then be polished to high brilliance ✔︎ A high quality product ✔︎
Leather care with Rapide Leathergel Regular care with Rapide Leathergel waterproofs your favourite smooth leather items and makes them supple and shiny. It cleans and nourishes your leather. Rapide Leathergel is suitable for smooth...
From 2.95 € *
Content 0.05 Liter (59.00 € * / 1 Liter)
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