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profi-HK Tape Measure (Holes & Hook)

Professional tape measure makes taking measurements easy ✔︎ Outstanding quality that can handle demanding use ✔︎ With loops and hook ✔︎ more
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Content: 1 Piece

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Holes and a hook

This tape measure is closed with a hook at the narrowest point of the waist (the tape has one punched hole per cm).  
The 'tape measure belt' shows the waistline and the exact waist circumference. From this point you can determine many body measurements, including the leg outer length, back depth, front depth...

Without this tool, the hook & hole waist tape, you have no point of reference for an perfect body measurement. 

Info about the tape measure 

• Professional tape measure of outstanding quality for demanding daily use - with loops and hook.
• Available in 19 mm / 150cm ( 60" ). 
• Poly-fibre fabric.
• Yellow on both sides with black graduation.
• Measurement units: front cm / back cm
• Both ends eyed, with metal fittings

Hoechstmass - Made in Germany

Selling unit: 1 item

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June 2, 2021 12:25


Perfekt um sich selbst zu vermessen damit die Größenwahl beim online shopping leichter fällt.

November 28, 2017 09:46

Helfer bei Anproben

Wir messen jeden Schauspieler bei Anproben aus und dabei ist das Hakenmaßband das wichtigste Hilfsmittel, da vom Taillenpunkt fast jedes wichtig Maß genommen wird. Unbedingt zu empfehlen!


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