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PRISMA - The Cool Blue / The Cool White
The Cool White Insole - Barefoot
Barefoot in Summer - no problem with the cool comfort insoles ✔︎ Great shoe climate ✔︎ Prevents sweaty feet and slipping inside the shoe ✔︎
Super thin barefoot insoles terry-cloth cotton on latex foam with activated charcoal odour absorbant A real well-being insole Blue or white latex foam Grooves for better air circulation Selling unit: 1 pair
1.45 € *
PRISMA - Cosy-Therm
Thermo-Molli Insole - PRISMA
With comfy cushioning made from special fleece & aluminium foil to make sure your feet stay warm & dry ✔ Inexpensive & highly warming ✔
PRISMA - Cosy -Therm Heat storing and cold-repellent special fleece - for warm and dry feet polyethylene foam cushioned threecoated aluminium foil Selling unit: 1 pair
1.55 € *
PRISMA - The Fresh Green Insole
The Fresh Green Insole - PRISMA
The Fresh Green Insole means proper summer freshness for your feet ✔ Breathable and kind on feet ✔ Can absorb lots of moisture ✔
Pure latex foam - with a scent of spruce needles - permeable to air - skin friendly able to moisture regain Always fresh feet in summer! Selling unit: 1 pair
1.35 € *
Teflon Iron Plate
Teflon Iron Plate
Avoids shine and scorching!
This iron plate can be used for ironing all sorts of fabrics like synthetics, wool, silk, velvet etc. and prevents shine, scorching and burning of the material even without an ironing cloth. Allows carefree ironing even on the highest...
7.95 € *
Kollektions-Kleidersack Baumwolle
Bulk Garment Cover - Cotton
High quality garment cover made of natural cotton with piped seams ✔︎ A premium product at a great price ✔︎
High quality - low price The characteristics of this cotton garment bag are the premium quality finish, the excellent, strong quality of the cotton fabric - and the great price. The outer seams and the seam at the zipper are piped with a...
24.95 € *
Kleidersack aus Baumwolle
Garment Bag - Cotton
High quality garment bag - strong natural cotton with an equally high quality zipper ✔︎ Perfect for transporting & storing your garments ✔︎
Store your favourite fashion items with care Cotton is the ideal material for garment protection as it breathes and is still strong enough to provide good protection. All the best features of cotton canvas can be found in our garment...
17.95 € *
3 x Laundry Mesh Bag
3 x Laundry Mesh Bag
Protects your delicates during washing and spin drying.
A set of 3 different sized laundry bags Protects your delicates during washing and spin drying. Separates small items and particularly fluffy laundry items from the rest of the wash and makes sorting unnecessary. These useful bags are...
4.95 € *
Ironing Cloth
Ironing Cloth (Set of 2)
Protects your delicate garments while being ironed.
The perfect ironing cloth for your delicate garments! Always use it for fabrics like wool, synthetics and silk. Helps to prevent fabrics looking shiny after ironing, especially trouser creases. With the ironing cloth you can iron at even...
3.95 € *
Ironing Blanket
This ironing blanket lets you iron safely on any surface!
It's fast and easy to transform your desk or table into an ironing board. This ironing blanket makes ironing safe on any surface! Perforated for best steam control. Suited for all iron types. Metal coating reflects heat. Size: 115 x 60...
7.95 € *
Ironing Board Cover - Highspeed
Ironing Board Cover (Highspeed)
Silicone coated for a faster ironing.
Silicone coated for a faster ironing. Heat reflecting surface, steam-penetrable. Suited for all iron types. 100% cotton. Long-lasting - metal-coated reverse side - colour fast patterns - eco friendly Different patterns. Selling unit: 1...
6.95 € *
Ironing Board Replacement Pad
Ironing Board Replacement Pad
For all ironing boards.
The extra-thick felt pad (4.0 mm) adds cushioning to help the iron glide. Needed for all ironing boards. Easily cut to the size of your ironing board. Size: 120 x 40 cm Selling unit: 1 piece
4.95 € *
Ironing Mitt
Ironing Mitt - Prisma
Difficult spots become easy to iron, e.g. collars, arms, etc. ✔ ︎Used by professionals ✔
Difficult spots become easy to iron, e.g. collars, arms, etc. You can also iron your clothing while it's on a hanger, and from both sides in one go. Makes ironing fast and easy. Take it with you - along with a travel iron - when...
4.95 € *
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