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Princess Heels - Heel Protectors

These soft silicone gel heel pads provide a good hold, long-lasting protection and an amazing cushioning effect ✔ mehr
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Content: 1 Pair

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

No blisters on your heels ever again

To give pumps the necessary stability, manufacturers stiffen the shoe by inserting a very firm nylon thread in the upper edge. That is why your favourite high heels will not become much softer even after having been worn for a while.
And it's in particular the heels that suffer!
These soft Princess Heels made of silicone gel give a good hold and prevent blisters!
And, what is more, your foot won't slip out of the shoe any more.
If you use them once, you won't want to miss Princess Heels ever again!

How do Princess Heels have to be used?

Stick Princess Heels on the inner upper edge inside the shoe.
Peel the protective foil off and place the gel pad with the adhesive side facing the area where the heel rubs against the shoe.
The gel in the adhesive pad protects the heel area against rubbing and cutting in.

• Material: silicone
• Magic Happy Feet
• reusable

Selling unit: 1 pack with 2 pads

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