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Clear sock stopper for application - ideal for the Kinesio Tape ✔︎ Odourless and colourless liquid latex ✔︎ Perfectly suitable for finest distressings ✔︎ more
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Content: 0.05 Litre (€59.00* / 1 Litre)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

PATIN-TEX MINI - in the practical fineliner bottle

The DIY anti-slip-protection! Make socks, stockings, house shoes or our Kinesio Tape for walking barefoot slip-proof. 
PATIN-TEX is a white liquid that dries to a beige film after application.
Of course, this latex is also suitable for finest distressings, as the handy soft fineliner bottle allows a precise application. 

How do I apply it?

Open the screw cap and paint wave lines, stripes, grid patterns, dots or whatever you like onto the fabric with the fineliner bottle. Allow the latex to dry, then a second layer can be applied. 
Bevor wearing you should let the latex harden for at least 4 to 8 hours (or dry the latex with a hair dryer). 

Coloured latex?

You can dye PATIN-TEX with water soluble, highly pigmented paints. This works particularly well with Kryolan Aquacolor.
Take a paint brush and dip it into water. Brush over the paint with the wet brush tip. When the brush hairs are nicely soaked with paint, take the brush tip between your index and thumb and press the paint into PATIN-TEX.
Shake or stir - PATIN-TEX is now dyed and as soon as it is dry you will see an intensive colour.  

What does the slip protection consist of?

PATIN-TEX consists of pure latex and contains no ammonium. That makes it almost odourless.
The dried latex cannot be washed out any more. That is why the brush and other tools must be cleaned immediately after use.   

➙ Please watch this short video on how to use the tape properly: Video-Tutorial

Content: 50ml


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