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Cards for Ultimate Rack Divider (Hanger Shape)
Cards for the Ultimate Rack Divider (Hanger Shape)
These cards fit the yellow and black ultimate rack dividers perfectly ✔︎ Available in white and 4 other eye-catching colours ✔︎
Different colours to make sorting easier Our rack dividers are the best and simplest helpers when it comes to organising the wardrobe at the theater, in the costume department at the cinema or simply for sorting items in clothes shops to...
From 2.45 € *
Ultimate Rack Divider with Insert - Hanger (black)
Ultimate Rack Divider - Hanger (Black)
These professional black size dividers make locating stock fast and easy ✔︎ Makes differentiating between names, roles and sizes a breeze ✔︎
A hanger to tidy up No more problems with rack dividers in the costume van, on the set, in the costume stock or in clothing manufacturing companies. With these rack dividers you can easily see the names, sizes etc., as the side of the...
From 1.40 € *
Ultimate Rack Divider with Insert - Hanger (yellow)
Ultimate Rack Divider - Hanger (Yellow)
These striking yellow rack dividers make locating costume parts, role divisions, names, sizes etc. quick and easy ✔︎ A must-have! ✔︎
An outstanding rack divider No more problems with rack dividers in the costume van, on the set, in the costume room or in the workshop. These rack dividers make your work easy as they stick way out so you can see all the letters, names,...
From 1.75 € *
Big Rail Divider with Labeling Field - XXL
XL Rail Divider with Labelling Field
Long, extra large size dividers - really easy to label ✔︎ Will fit on any clothes rail! ✔︎ The matching labels are likewise available from PATIN-A ✔︎
The must-have for sorting clothes In costume rooms, wardrobes, costume stocks and with clothes manufacturers one usually finds a huge amount of clothes, outfits and props. To keep an overview, rail dividers are essential. These long...
From 1.15 € *
Big Rack Divider with Insert (clear)
Large Rack Divider w. Insert (Clear)
Stylish - practical - transparent: rail dividers with interchangeable card inserts ✔︎ A range of fantastic size dividers from PATIN-A ✔︎
Whom does this garment belong to ? These clear size dividers with slide-in option not only look very stylish - they're also extremely useful in the costume van, on the set, in the costume room or for clothing manufacturers. Thanks to the...
From 2.10 € *
Big Rail Divider Peelable Labels
Self Adhesive Labels - Big Rail Divider
60 self-adhesive peel-off labels for the big rail dividers - in red, yellow or white ✔︎ They fit and do the job perfectly ✔︎
A tidy costume department begins with sorting The big white rail dividers with labelling field are a must-have in any tidy and well organized department. Clarity is even easier to achieve with self adhesive labels in three different...
9.45 € *
Knock-Flat Rails - Card Holders
Card Holders - Knock-Flat Rails
With these card-holders perfect clarity is guaranteed in the costume room, warehouse, sales room etc. ✔︎ Suitable for rails of different sizes ✔︎
These card holders guarantee perfect clarity of presentation - in the costume room, the warehouse, show room and sales room etc. It's much easier to sort the clothes rail/rack thanks to these card holders. They come with a G-clamp or...
From 5.90 € *
Self Adhesive File Tabs - RemyTiketten
Self Adhesive File Tabs - RemyTiketten
Very useful file tabs for highlighting, sorting and organizing scripts, files and folders, musical scores and lots more! ✔︎ Available in five...
Here they are again: the useful self adhesive file tags to highlight, sort and organize scripts, files, catalogs, tax declarations and many more. The popular 'AVERY No. 3019’ tags have unfortunately vanished from the market and are not...
From 8.50 € *
Content 1 Piece
Kollektions-Kleidersack - Premium
Bulk Garment Covers - Premium
Garment covers made from black nylon with double stitched seams for greater strength and durability ✔︎ Premium, water-resistant, low-priced ✔︎
Unbeatable price - unbeatable quality You will be thrilled by these premium low-priced garment covers ! They are water resistant with double stitched seams for greater strength and durability. A full length zip extends right across the...
From 21.95 € *
Abendkleid Schutzhülle 183cm
Breathable Gown Cover - 183cm
High quality, breathable fabric gown cover for evening wear and/or wedding dresses ✔︎ With a carrying strap ✔︎ Inexpensive professional quality ✔︎
Safe transport and storage of clothes Wedding and evening dresses, dance dresses, suits and wedding attire are among the most expensive and valuable garments in the costume department - and in your closet or wardrobe. This premium and...
10.95 € *
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