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On the Spot Wipes

These incredibly practical wipes gently remove water soluble stains from wool, cotton and other fabrics ✔︎ Low-cost from PATIN-A ✔︎ more
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Content: 5 Piece (€1.99* / 1 Piece)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

New packaging size: 10 wipes instead of 5

Stubborn stains simply disappear

Coffee, wine or fruit juice stains on your blouse, shirt or table cloth? 
'On The Spot' (formerly 'Spotless & Clean') is the first aid for stain removal on wool and cotton and other fibers! Whether wine, coffee, fruit juice, berries or even beetroot stains on your clothing -  On The Spot removes soiling quickly and effectively.
The small and handy On The Spot package containing 5 wipes is ideal for travelling and on the set. 

On which fabrics and stains can I use 'On the Spot'?

'On The Spot' dissolves water soluble stains particularly well. The wipe removes the stain and does not leave unattractive rims.
The ingredients are phenol free and safe for the fabric and the environment.

Please keep in mind:
Some fabrics (natural materials for instance) are not colour fast. The colour may fade or disappear completely. Test the fabric beforehand on colour fastness on an invisible spot, the seam for instance. 
Grease- or oil-based stains can only be removed with the 'Silk & Clean' wipes. 

Application in 3 steps - take out, apply, let dry

1. Take the wipe out of the package. Do not unfold the tissue, use it in the shape it has been packed. This is very important, as the solvent would evaporate very quickly from the unfolded tissue. But you can reverse On The Spot and fold it again to have a clean side.

2. With the folded wipe rub the stain away quickly and firmly (going from the middle to the outside - in all directions). 
To avoid rings forming, wipe in larger and larger rings over the stain until the liquid has evaporated completely (for approx. 1 minute) - from wet to dry!
Reverse the wipe over and over and fold it again.

3. Leave the damp spot to dry for 5 to 10 minutes. While drying the stain will gradually disappear.
Repeat operation with stubborn stains!

Selling unit: 1 box (10 wipes, packed individually)

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June 20, 2017 13:41


Diese Fleck- Entferner tücher ON THE SPOT sind sensationell!!! Die haben fetten blauen Edding aus einer weissen Korsage direkt am Bauch entfernt!!!

June 18, 2017 14:53

Der beste Fleckenentferner!

Ich habe immer diese Fleckentücher in meiner Settasche, da ich finde, dass es auf dem Markt nichts besseres zu kaufen gibt. Diese Tücher entfernen wirklich jeden Fleck rückstandsfrei und sind jeden Cent wert (ich ich weiss: sie sind sehr teuer...) Also: meine volle Punktzahl für diese Fleckentücher!!! :-)


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Content: 5 Piece (€1.39* / 1 Piece)

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