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Odour Remover - B.O.B. 5000ml

Neutralises odours on costumes, uniforms & props ✔︎ Perfect for mascot & theme park costumes ✔︎ mehr
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Content: 5 Liter (€16.99* / 1 Liter)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Removes smells from costumes and much more

Body Odor Blockout - B.O.B.™ is an odour eliminator that has been formulated especially for costumes. It neutralises unpleasant odours fast and safe from clothing without the addition of perfumes. 
B.O.B.™ is used internationally in costume departments for eliminating body odours from costumes.  
This odour neutraliser can be used on all surfaces and does not discolour or destroy them. 


What is so special about this odour eliminator

You are currently using Febreze or other textile fresheners? Standard textile deodorants remove odours only partly and cover the rest with perfumes. B.O.B.™ has a much stronger effect - it destroys the odour molecule completely. 

Vodka is a very popular old household remedy in the costume department for refreshing costume parts. However, alcohol only helps to a limited extent, since older, stronger or deeper-seated smells cannot be removed with it. After repeated use, the costume will reek of a sweat/vodka mix...
The odour neutraliser B.O.B.™ is hypoallergenic and pH-neutral and works without perfumes, alcohol, artificial chemicals or enzymes that can trigger allergies.

The way B.O.B. works 

 B.O.B.™ reacts directly with the odour molecules without covering or perfuming them.
During the drying process, the bad smells transform into safe organic compounds and simply oxidise and evaporate, leaving behind a fresh, clean, natural scent.
B.O.B.™ must reach the source of odours to eliminate them completely.
Problems with strong odours in uniforms, animal costumes and mascot costumes are a thing of the past.
Body Odor Blockout - B.O.B.™ is used among others in the Universal Studios and in theme parks like e.g. Disney.
It has been tested for use on: costumes, uniforms and props:
e.g. mascot and amusement park costumes, Cosplay, animal costumes, furs, shoes, sneakers, street wear, gloves, socks, hats, caps, helmets, headgear, armours, vests, rucksacks. props of all kinds - rubber, neoprene, resins, latex, foam materials, leather & much more

B.O.B. also works here:

Of course, B.O.B.™ also removes odours of cat and dog urine, cigarette and cigar odours, marihuana odour as well as odours often found in bathrooms and mobile toilets, waiting rooms, nursing homes, buses, limousines and rental cars.
B.O.B.™ also easily removes hotel smells and musty smells in holiday homes.

This is how B.O.B. is used:

Fill Body Odor Blockout - B.O.B.™ into a spray bottle (e.g. Foxy-Plus) and spray on the costumes or the smelly parts inside and out.  
Let the liquid dry.


B.O.B.™ is a blend of plant based extracts and distilled water. No alcohol, enzymes or petroleum products are used in this product.

• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Do not spray on the face or near the eyes. If the product gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water for 15 minutes.
• Do not drink.

We offer B.O.B.™ in three different container sizes: 1000ml, 2500ml and 5000ml. Larger containers are available on request.  

Content: 5000ml

Selling unit: 1 canister

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April 4, 2020 15:20

Tolles Produkt

Mittlerweile schwören unsere Ankleider auf BOB. Das Mittel ist wirklich gut. Deshalb kaufen wir nur noch die 5 liter Kanister. Schade, dass es keine größeren Kanister mit BOB gibt.


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