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MicroTach - Prof. MicroStitch - Tagging Gun

MicroTach - the professional Microstitch tagging gun for finest hems & handicrafts ✔︎ Professional quality at PATIN-A ✔︎ more
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Content: 1 Piece

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

The popular MicroStitch: now in professional quality

MicroTach is the professional version of the Microstitch gunIt is of higher quality, easier to handle - and a reliable friend for life. 
It features a professional needle protection (unlike the Microstitch gun) that is always at hand, as it is connected to the tool with a cable. 

Fast 'tagging' with MicroTach

No costume department can do without microfasteners. E.g., shortening a seam right before shooting is no problem with the invisible microfasteners. Neither will adhesive tape and needle stitches ruin the fabric!

No matter what your task is:
• Shortening of any type of sleeves or hems
• Fastening of pocket flaps
• Making short tie ends disappear
• Fastening of bra straps to the dress
• and much more!

The tiniest needle and fasteners

The MicroTach Tagging Gun by AVERY DENNISON uses a particularly small needle that is gentle on the fabric as well as the tiniest fasteners on the market (over 35% thinner than usual fasteners).
Since they're so small and made of very soft material (polyamide), these fasteners can also be sewn over very easily.
Micro-Fasteners are much superior to staples and pins - and ensure a safe connection! 
The Micro-Fasteners are easy to apply with the MicroTach Gun - and easy to remove with a quick pull or snip. 

A quality made to last

The patented MicroTach is made of premium materials. The robust feed mechanism of the AVERY DENNISON Tagging Gun is made of metal and does not need batteries. 
A large needle protection is fastened to the gun and prevents the needle from breaking or distorting. This MicroTach Tagging Gun has been designed for constant use. It allows you to shoot several thousand tacks a day. 

In tailor shops, for instance, it is used for men's shirts - in the old days, shirts were simply stuck together with a lot of pins and clips to look perfectly folded before going to the shops. This tagging gun can be used to bundle underwear in order to sort it, and also to pack pairs of socks.There are a lot of different uses in the industry fo this good tagging gun. 

By now, it has become an essential tool for set construction, decorations and crafts (e.g. quilting).

Selling unit: 1 piece

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5 out of 5 stars






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April 4, 2020 23:38


20 Sterne für diese tolle Anschiesspistole. Ich nutze sie sehr häufig und bin sehr zufrieden mit ihr. Die Microtach sieht sehr schön aus.

May 26, 2018 09:36

cooles Teil

Als ich die Pistole auspackte gab es erst mal ein "Wow" unter den Kolleginnen! Das transparente, intensive Rot ist wunderschön und die Pistole liegt sehr gut in der Hand. Endlich gibt es einen sinnvollen Nadelschutz (wer vorher mit der Microstitch gearbeitet hat weiß was ich meine ;-) ) Ich kann die Microtach jedem wärmstens empfehlen

April 25, 2018 12:11

Extremely good quality!

I actually wanted to buy the MicroStitch tagging gun first. However, because I use my tagging gun very often and a lot, the MicroTach was recommended to me over the telephone. It really is a big difference, especially when the gun is a lot in use. Tagging is very easy, no pain in the hand as with many other guns. I can recommend this product to any professional!

March 13, 2018 10:47

Tolles Teil

Die Microtach ist ihr Geld wert! Sehr stabil und fühlt sich gut an. Ganz besonders gefällt mir die transparente rote Farbe. Mein wichtigstes Arbeitsmittel das ich gerne weiterempfehle :-)

October 30, 2017 01:25

Sehr stabil!

Ich besitze schon sehr lange eine Microstitch in meinem Arbeitskoffer. Sie hatte manchmal Aussetzer und deshalb mußte eine neue her! Ich habe hier die Microtach entdeckt und muss sagen: sie macht wirklich einen großen Unterschied zur günstigen Microstitch Die Microtach fühlt sich stabiler an und das Schiessen der Heftfäden ist auch viel einfacher. Sehr gut finde ich den Nadelschutz. Sehr zu empfehlen!


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