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Kryolan Universal-Filmblut spezial (IEW)
Kryolan Special Film Blood (Universal-IEW)
A realistic, pigmented blood in light and dark ✔︎ Easily washed out ✔︎ For movies and TV, theatre, carnival and halloween ✔︎ Costs less than you...
A realistic pigmented blood for movies and TV. Kryolan Special Film Blood (IEW) can be very easily removed from most fabrics by simply washing with ordinary detergent. The product flows slowly and looks very realistic even for fresh...
From 11.95 € *
Content 0.1 Liter (119.50 € * / 1 Liter)
Kryolan - Color Spray - Farb-Spray
Kryolan Colour Spray
Non-permanent colour spray (wig spray) for distressing costumes ✔︎ With eco-friendly propellant ✔︎ Perfect for hair or costume distressing ✔︎
Colourful patinating spray by Kryolan Kryolan Color Spray (formerly Brändel) is a water soluble colour spray ideal for costumes and props and perfect for make-up artists, too. Kryolan Color Spray with ecofriendly propellant is strongly...
8.95 € *
Content 0.15 Liter (59.67 € * / 1 Liter)
Kryolan - Aquacolor 30ml
Kryolan Aquacolor 30ml
Aquacolor is an oil-free, colour-intense body paint ✔︎ It's perfectly suited for, among other things, costume colouring, distressing and for dyeing...
Strongly pigmented wet make up for costume painting Aquacolor is a non-lipid based, colour-intense non-permanent body paint that works very well for costume colouring and patinating. This smudge-proof paint is also very good for dyeing...
10.45 € *
Content 0.003 Liter (3,483.33 € * / 1 Liter)
Foam Sponge Wedges
Foam Sponge Wedges
Fine pored latex-free sponge wedges for quick and even application of distressings and leather dye ✔︎ Very practical and inexpensive ✔︎
Latex free sponge wedges for precise leather dyeing Like the small dye sponges these high quality Foam Sponge Wedges have initially been developed specially for make-up artists. But our customers love to use them for leather dyeing! The...
From 0.95 € *
Kryolan - Palette Case (refillable)
Kryolan - Palette Case (refillable)
An indispensable tool for your daily distressing needs and for make-up artists - the Kryolan palette case ✔︎ With 6 or 12 spaces for colour pans ✔︎
Create your own colour mix with the refillable Kryolan palette The Kryolan metal palette is an important tool for everyday distressing jobs and for makeup artists. It comes empty and can be filled individually. We offer in our shop a...
From 4.55 € *
Content 1 Piece
Kryolan Blutschorfeffekt - Fresh Scratch
Kryolan Fresh Scratch (Blood Effect)
This thick, fast-drying, filmblood quickly gives the effect of scabbed-over wounds ✔︎ Does not wash out of clothing - but can be used on skin ❤︎
Fresh and scabbed wounds with Fresh Scratch Blood Effect With this thick fast drying product you can simulate scabs very quickly and very impressively. The dark tone is used for scabbed wounds, the lighter tone for fresh injuries, as the...
From 7.95 € *
Content 0.015 Liter (530.00 € * / 1 Liter)
Small Dye Sponge / Make-Up Sponge
Small Dye Sponge (Make-Up Sponge)
The fine pores and rounded shape of this sponge prevent unwanted streaking when dyeing or distressing materials ✔︎
The allrounder sponge for leather dyeing and patinating These high quality make-up sponges were originally developed for make-up aritsts, but can be used for a number of jobs. We recommend this sponge for applying PATIN-A products,...
From 0.85 € *
Kryolan - Aquacolor Palettes with 12 different shades
Kryolan Aquacolor Palettes
Works well for costume colouring, distressing, and for dyeing latex ✔︎ All the most important colours always near at hand ✔︎ Inexpensive at PATIN-A ✔︎
Aquacolor body paint palette for colourful painting and patinating With the water soluble Kryolan Aquacolor Makeup Palette you get a great choice of Aquacolor Water Colours . Costume designers love them for patinations and non-permanent...
34.95 € *
Kryolan - Aquacolor Water Based Makeup 4ml
Kryolan Aquacolor Water Based Makeup 4ml
4ml refill pans for your aquacolor palette - or use it to customize your own colour palette ✔︎ Oil-free make-up ✔︎
Colourful water-based makeup for costume patinations Aquacolor is a water soluble strongly pigmented makeup for non-permanent painting on costumes. It is also perfect for costume patinating and for dyeing latex. Thanks to their high...
4.45 € *
Content 0.004 Liter (1,112.50 € * / 1 Liter)
Kryolan - Aquacolor 55ml
Kryolan Aquacolor 55ml
This oil-free make-up is outsandingly well-suited for costume colouring, distressing, and for dyeing latex ✔︎
Colourful Wet Make Up up for non-permanent costume patinating Aquacolor is a non-lipid based, colourful non-permanent body paint that works very well for costume colouring and patinating. An combination with PATIN-TEX it creates durable...
18.45 € *
Content 0.055 Liter (335.46 € * / 1 Liter)
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