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Hot Water Bottle Chicken Bertha 0.8L

Patchwork fur fabric chicken with a 0.8 l hot water bottle in its tummy - to love and cuddle ❤︎ Quality Made in Germany ❤︎ more
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Content: 1 Piece

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Bertha - the crazy chicken

It’s impossible not to love crosseyed Bertha! This patchwork chicken is soft and funny and has a 0.8 l hot water bottle in its tummy.

What makes the hot water bottle chicken special?

It’s fun to detect all the lovely little details in the animal’s fur und printed fabric. The cover also helps to store the heat with high-temperature water bottles. The warmth will remain for a long time in the cuddly chicken.

But please follow the instructions enclosed.

Can I wash the fur cover?

The fur cover can be washed the usual way at 30°C.

The hot water bottle can be taken out through a zipper opening at the back of the chicken, to be filled, cleaned and dried.
The hot water bottle is made of 100% natural rubber, does not contain plasticisers and has been beautifully manufactured.

Article details

• Material hot water bottle: 100% natural rubber
• Material animal cover: 100% polyester
• Washable at 30°C
• Capacity hot water bottle: 0.8 l
• Size animal cover: 54 cm

• This hot water bottle has a metal thread
• The PATIN-A Shop also carries replacement stoppers.

Selling unit: 1 piece (cuddly toy with 0.8l hot water bottle)

Why a hot water bottle?

A survey explains the effect 

Hot water bottles not only give off warmth on those cold days, they can also soothe pain. Medical research has revealed that this household remedy can actually relieve from abdominal pain and period pains, just like pain killers. If the skin is warmed up to 40°C near the painful area, this activates the heat receptors of your skin which block the effect of the pain receptors.

Survey conducted by University College London, Great Britain.

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January 25, 2022 15:00


Das Huhn ist fantastisch! Es ist super weich und genau das Richtige an Wärmflaschentagen! Das einzige weshalb ich auch einn Punkt abziehe ist, dass die Wärflasche in dem Hühnerbauch seehr nach Plastik stinkt. Aber das legt sich sicherlich mit der Zeit.

October 29, 2020 15:27

love chickens

chickens are my favourite animal, so imagine my delight when i found i could buy this water bottle!!! super super cute, really practical, came so quickly too

May 14, 2017 10:55

Einfach süss!

Das Huhn war als Überraschung für eine Kollegin zum Geburtstag gedacht. Nach der Überreichung haben sich fast alle Kollegen diese Wärmeflasche gekauft. Bertha ist einfach kuschelig und sieht sehr lustig aus. Ein super Mitbringsel!

March 16, 2017 16:07

Crazy Huhn ;-)

Endlich mal eine Wärmflasche die perfekt zu mir passt! Bertha sieht genau aus wie ich, wenn ich morgens aufwache - das ist doch nicht zu toppen! Mein absoluter Favorit bei Patina :-)


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