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Hat Brushes - Redecker

Perfect brushes to give perfect hats ✔ Light and dark bristles for light and strong dirtiness ✔ Professional quality from Redecker available at PATIN-A ✔ more
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Content: 1 Piece

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Perfect hat care

The useful Redecker Hat Brushes are a standard in costume stocks and for modistes. Historical costume productions definitely need a hat brush!

Strong or fine - the right brush for your hat

We have two different kinds of hat brushes in our range - a strong one and a very fine one. The round shape allows very good care of a hat. Much better and gentler than with the usual clothes brush.

Hat brush 1:

The strong hat brush by Redecker.
This brush removes dirt effortlessly and makes your hat shine like new. The filling consists of a core of thin bronze wire with a fine black bristle edge. 

• Length: 23,5 cm
• Filling: bronze wire with a bristle edge
• Oiled pearwood body
• Made in Germany

Hat brush 2:

The fine hat brush by Redecker.
This brush is meant for fine hats. Using this brush will give your fine hats, fascinators and hatinators a silky glow and a perfect look.
Like brush 1 it removes dust perfectly well from the surface.

• Length: 23,5 cm
• Filling: light soft bristle
• Oiled pearwood body
• Made in Germany

How should I clean my hat?

Animal hair- and felthats do not need so much care. 

If you want your hat to live a long life you should clean it with a special hat brush. Make sure to brush anti-clockwise!
If there are stains to be removed, then use the hat brush with bronze wire. Some stains though can only be removed with a damp cloth (try the brush first and only if necessary use water).
Please stock your hats upside down or on a (styrofoam) head. Best put them in a hat box to protect them from dust.

Selling unit: 1 piece

The Redecker family business is one of the last traditional producers of handmade brushes in Germany. It was established over 80 years ago (1935) and is a company with a long tradition based in Versmold in the Teutoburg Forest. Love for detail, solid craftsmanship and genuine creativity, these are the features of Redecker products.

Special attention is given to the careful selection of ecological materials, above all in the form of natural and sustainable raw materials and the use of local woods in the manufacture of brush bodies.

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August 19, 2021 09:29

Hat brush

Thankyou, I'm very happy with the hatbrushes. They are exactly what I was looking for. I will be getting more in the near future.

January 18, 2021 10:26


Génial, deux modèles de brosse à chapeaux ! Elles sont si belles - et durables - les brosses Redecker qu'on aimerait les posséder toutes. Merci aussi pour l'expédition rapide et soignée.

June 18, 2017 14:40

Gepflegte Hüte

Man glaubt gar nicht, wie schwer es ist eine anständige Hutbürste zu finden! Ich bin überglücklich gleich zwei perfekte Hutbürsten bei Euch gefunden zu haben. Wir müssen unsere Hutsammlung immer wieder aufarbeiten, da die Lagerung im Fundus auf Dauer nicht so "gesund" für die Hüte ist. Dank der super Bürsten und etwas Wasserdampf jedoch kein Problem mehr für uns :-) Ich kann jedem diese Hutbürsten nur wärmstens empfehlen!


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