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Footwarmer with 2 L Hot Water Bottle - Saenger

Soft and snuggly foot warmer with a 2 l hot water bottle ✔ Made from lovely soft plush material ✔ Quality from Sänger available in 2 different colours ✔ more
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Content: 1 Piece

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Cuddly, soft and wonderfully warm 

The Sänger® foot warmers are made from a lovely soft plush material.
Feet and ankles are kept warm by resting comfortably on top of a rubber hot water bottle. Each foot is enclosed separately up to the ankle.
The hot water bottle provides a wonderful feel-good sensation.

Why are Sänger hot water bottles so safe?

The rubber hot water bottle does not contain plasticizers, as it is made of 100% natural rubber.
Sänger® holds a patent to produce one-piece-moulded bottles. Since these bottles do not have seams they cannot burst.
That makes Sänger® hot water bottles very safe and robust.
Excellent also for shooting breaks.

Should I check my Sänger hot water bottle before use?

Although the Saenger hot water bottles have very high quality standards, you should always check your hot water bottle for cracks and deformations before use to prevent burns through hot water leaks.

Very important: dry the bottle upside down and store it open (you can tie the stopper to the bottle with a string - so you won’t lose it)
Since you have opted for a natural Saenger product and the Saenger hot water bottles do not contain artificial softeners but are made from air-dried rubber only, the manufacturer recommends to replace them at annual intervals (recommended by the British Standard Institute).

What's the advantage of the new plastic thread for the Sänger footwarmer?

Due to the new development of the 2.0 liter Sänger Footwarmer, it now has a plastic thread instead of the former metal thread.
The new plastic thread can do without stoppers with rubber joints. The new plastic stopper without rubber joint cannot become brittle and so cannot leak!
Your hot water bottle is now safer and will last longer thanks to the new stopper.

Please use the matching stopper for this bottle size, as the thread is plastic.
You will find replacement stoppers for plastic and metal threads at PATIN-A.

• Content of the bottle: 2 l
• Colours: see below
• Cover: 100% polyester
• Plastic thread

Selling unit: 1 item

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November 17, 2020 16:36

MIGHT look silly but

this is actually a genius way to keep my feet warm when i can't afford heating so would recommend to any poor student tbh

October 20, 2017 10:27

Sehr gut

Diese Wärmflasche ist toll! Sie wärmt die Füße und ist so richtig kuschelig.

March 8, 2017 19:40

Kuschelig warm!

Nachdem ich meiner Mutter die Fußwärmflasche geschenkt und selbst ausprobiert habe, mußte ich auch eine besitzen. Die Rote sieht super aus und ich kann mir keinen Fernsehabend mehr ohne sie vorstellen!


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