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Useful clips for holding or binding shoes or paper stacks ✔︎ Shouldn't be missing from any costume stock! ✔︎ Very low-priced from PATIN-A ❤︎ more
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Can be found in any costume department

Foldback-Clips are the perfect mixture of paper clip, paper fastener and clothes peg!
The Foldback-Clip is absolutely essential in the costume stock and for current (costume) productions.


Bind pairs of shoes together without harming the material?

These clips can be used to bind pairs of shoes very fast and easy without harming the upper material (leather, synthetic leather or fabric).

And what else?

Paper stacks (scripts for instance) and files can be clamped together and declamped very easily too. The clips do not harm the material and unlike staples removing them is trouble-free too. Another advantage is that the fold back clips are resistant to rust.

The clips also come in handy for hanging pictures and posters as the loops can be used as hooks.

The silver-coloured handles which open the clip can be folded back or even taken off if you want them out of the way. The clip itself is black. 

5 different clip sizes

Depending on the size of the fold back clip the opening width varies (and that is also the thickness of the paper stack or the shoes).
A 32 mm foldback clip can hold 130 sheets (for a paper thickness of typically 80 g/m2, general rule: 10 sheets = 1 mm.If you want to bind shoes:
A thin bootleg only needs small clips, hiking shoes or boots need big clips (high heels, classical loafers or low shoes: 19-32 mm / heavy shoes or boots 41 - 51 mm) 

Article details

The foldback clips have the following opening widths resp. clamp widths (cw):

• Clip size = 19 mm / cw = 7 mm
• Clip size = 25 mm / cw = 9 mm
• Clip size = 32 mm / cw = 13 mm
• Clip size = 41 mm / cw = 19 mm
• Clip size = 51 mm / cw = 28 mm

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September 14, 2018 12:45


un petit article 'banal' mais tout à fait irremplaçable! Existent-elles en couleur? Ce serait encore plus joli.

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