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Fashion Tape - Textile Adhesive Strips - Magic Bodyfashion

Fashion Tape - Textile adhesive strips in a handy travel package ✔︎ Adheres invisibly to loosely falling clothes or loose hems ✔︎ Everything stays in place ✔︎ more
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Content: 40 Piece (€0.25* / 1 Piece)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

The stars' tape 

Do you know the secrets of Hollywood stars and other celebrities when they wear low-cut or loose-fitting clothes?  
They use Magic Fashion Tape!
This will help you avoid slipping tops, awkward situations with loose-fitting clothes or loose hems (the list is endless ;-) )
A special feature of this product is the handy small travel packaging that holds 50 strips. Finds its place in any handbag! 


The double-sided tape

• Double-sided adhesive strips can simply be fastened to your outfit.  
• Fasten your outfit simply to your skin, or material to material.  
• Each pack contains 50 pieces.

Please note:

• Always make a test before use. You will find instructions in our packaging.  
• Do not wear the product longer than 5 hours and do not wear it overnight.  
• We recommend not to wear the product on irritated skin, open cuts, sunburnt/damaged skin, rashes or sensitive/thin skin, skin depigmentation problems or other skin conditions. 
• This tape is for single use. To remove it, humidify the backside slightly with warm water / or baby lotion where it touches the skin and peel it off carefully.  
• Our products are not suitable for women that are pregnant or breast feeding.  


100% polyethylene


50 pieces in transparent box

This applies to all body adhesives:

Please note that the skin should be dry and free of grease. Please remove body creams or lotions from the areas to be taped! 

It is essential to remove the Fashion Tapes from clothing before washing! 

Selling unit: 1 x 50 pieces

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