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Dypro 3D Black
Dypro 3D Black
Dypro 3D Black dyes 3D prints from polyamide/nylon intensely black ✔︎ Professional quality ☆
Dypro dyes 3D prints deep black Dypro has developed a pure black for dyeing 3D prints. Dypro 3D Black dyes 'polyamide / nylon PA 12' a deep black. 3D printers have been using Dylon and Dypro Universal Color Textile Dyes for many years...
From 5.95 € *
Content 0.01 Kilogramm (595.00 € * / 1 Kilogramm)
iDye Color Remover - Entfärber
iDye Color Remover - Decolouriser
Special decolouriser for all types of fabrics ✔ Lightens up fabrics & prepares them for dyeing ✔ By Jacquard from the USA ✔
The brightener for all fabrics iDye Color Remover removes or lightens the colours of all types of fabrics. It allows redyeing in a lighter tone. This brightener for dye preparation is suitable for all natural fibers (e.g. cotton, linen,...
9.95 € *
Content 0.014 Kilogramm (710.71 € * / 1 Kilogramm)
DYLON Pre-Dye - Aufheller zur Färbevorbereitung
DYLON Pre-Dye - Fabric Colour Stripper
A special colour stripper that lightens fabric before colour change ✔ Not the usual colour stripper - a great product ✔ By the DYLON dye pros ✔
What do I need the colour stripper for? DYLON Pre-Dye removes colour from the fabric so that it can be redyed a lighter shade. This colour stripper for dye preparation is chlorine free and suited for all natural fibers and nylon. Not...
9.95 € *
Content 0.6 Kilogramm (16.58 € * / 1 Kilogramm)
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