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Dress Tape - Magic Bodyfashion

Keeps your neckline right where you want it ✔︎ Now with the unique button placket tape ❤︎ more
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Content: 40 Piece (€0.25* / 1 Piece)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Nothing slips any more

Finally a product line of double faced adhesive tapes in special sizes and shapes!
DRESS TAPE - 30 tapes in different shapes and sizes.
Brand new in this set: the button placket tape that keeps the button placket in place on blouses and shirts. 

The special clothes tape

Every size includes 10 pieces, i.e. 30 tapes per pack.
That should be enough to keep in place for quite a while all those slipping, loosely falling or rolling up garments.   


• 10 straight double sided adhesive strips
• 10 curved double sided adhesive strips
• 10 straight single sided adhesive strips with a space for the button placket

This applies to all body glues:

Please note that the skin should to be dry and fat free. Remove body lotions and cremes from the skin areas on which you want to stick the dress tapes.

Make sure to remove the dress tapes from the clothing before washing!

Selling unit: 3 x 10 pieces 

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May 2, 2020 11:48

Immer dabei

Diese Klebestrips haben uns schon oft gerettet. Sie kleben an Stellen die man gerne bedeckt hätte. Die Formen sind sehr gut gewählt und auch das Knopfleisten-Tape kam schon zum Einsatz. Meine Empfehlung!


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