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Dirty Down Spray – Dulling Spray
Dirty Down Anti Flare Spray
Anti flare / dulling spray removes glare from polished or reflective surfaces ✔︎ Important for film, TV and photography ✔︎ Washes off ✔︎
Dirty Down Dulling Spray has been newly designed and can be removed with a damp cloth. An Anti Flare / Dulling Spray removes glare from polished surfaces and is perfect for photo, TV, theatre and film use. Spray onto timber paint,...
18.95 € *
Content 0.4 Liter (47.38 € * / 1 Liter)
Dirty Down - Schnee & Frost Spray
Dirty-Down Spray - Frost & Snow
Dirty-Down Spray - Frost & Snow is a special patination spray for 'snowing up' costumes and props on the set ✔︎ Perfect for film & theatre ✔︎
A professional patination spray for frost and snow effects Dirty-Down-Spray Frost & Snow is a special patination spray for authentic frost and snow effects from the Dirty Down range. Dirty Down Spray is a professional patination spray...
23.95 € *
Content 0.4 Liter (59.88 € * / 1 Liter)
Dirty-Down Spray - Patinier-Farb-Spray
Dirty-Down Spray - Ageing Spray
Dirty-Down Spray (7 colour tones) 200ml & 400ml ✔︎ Perfect for professional distressing effects on costumes & props ✔︎ Hollywood quality ✔︎
Professional distressing of costumes and props with Dirty-Down Dirty-Down-Spray is a special spray for light patinations right on the set. It is a pure, slightly pigmented colour (7 different colour tones) so that you will only have a...
From 14.95 € *
Content 0.2 Liter (74.75 € * / 1 Liter)
Dirty-Down Spray - Rust
Dirty-Down Spray - Rust
Dirty-Down-Spray rust is a professional patinating spray for creating realistic rust areas on costumes & props ✔︎ A perfect distressing tool for...
Create a rust layer on props with Dirty-Down Dirty-Down-Spray Rust from England is for professional patinating of costumes and props fast and easy on set and make them look rusty. Dirty-Down-Spray is used worldwide in film, theater and...
19.95 € *
Content 0.4 Liter (49.88 € * / 1 Liter)
Dirty Down Spray Nicotine – Nikotin
Dirty-Down Spray - Nicotine Yellow
Special Dirty-Down-Spray nicotine yellow - for professional patinating on the set ✔︎ Professional distressing tool for giving nicotine or sweat...
Imitate cigarette yellowing with Dirty-Down - Nicotine Dirty Down Nicotine is an ageing spray the colour of cigarette stains. The effect of the nicotine spray is great on props, furniture and walls, fabrics and costumes. It is also used...
19.95 € *
Content 0.4 Liter (49.88 € * / 1 Liter)
Dirty Down Spray Mould - Schimmel
Dirty-Down Spray - Mould
Dirty-Down Spray special effects mould is for professional patinating on set ✔︎ This professional distressing tool is perfect for film & theatre ✔︎
'Moulden' props, foods and costumes with Dirty-Down With the permanent Dirty-Down-Spray - Mould costumes and props including food like e.g. toast or white bread can quickly be mouldened. This works especially well on light coloured foods...
19.95 € *
Content 0.4 Liter (49.88 € * / 1 Liter)
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