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Jacquard deColourant Mist - Colour Remover Spray

deColourant Mist by Jacquard decolours textiles with incredible effect ✔︎ Decolour through ironing ✔︎ Spray - iron - decoloured! ✔︎ more
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Content: 0.118 Litre (€101.27* / 1 Litre)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

deColourant Mist specifically removes colours from fabrics

deColourant Mist removes colour from dyed natural fabrics and from craft paper.  
Unlike bleach, deColourant Mist removes the colour without affecting the texture of the fibre. The fabric fibre will not be destroyed or become brittle in any way. 
The result is simply great and you will be thrilled! With deColourant, you can try out an incredible number of special techniques.  

How do I use deColourant Mist Spray?

Create motifs by spraying through a stencil or around an object. The spray mist is very fine and thus fine contours are also possible. 
Once the liquid has dried, iron on the highest setting suitable for the fabric. 
Stronger colour removal is achieved through ironing with steam. 
The heat (together with moisture) dissolves the colour.
After colour removal, wash the fabric with Synthrapol or a mild detergent to make it naturally soft again.  

Guidelines for deColourant Mist Spray

• When removing dyes/paints from fabric or paper, the resulting colour is not always white. 
• Some dyes/paints are easier to remove than others.
• Test the product on an "invisible" spot before starting to work with it on a large area. 
• CAUTION: Use in well-ventilated areas. Do not inhale spray mist. Avoid contact with eyes. 
• In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with water. 
• Avoid prolonged skin contact. In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water.  
• Harmless to children under adult supervision. In case of inhalation of vapours, seek fresh air. 

For more information on this product, see "What is deColourant?"

Selling unit: 1 piece (118ml)


FAQs Jacquard deColourant & deColourant Mist

deColourant is a non-bleaching colour remover. After application on the dyed fabric, it is activated by heat -  either with an iron, a heat press or heat gun. After the colour has been removed, deColourant is washed out. 

Why use deColourant instead of bleach?
Bleach is an aggressive chemical that can weaken or damage the integrity of a fibre. deColourant only affects the dye with which the fabric was dyed and leaves the fibre intact. Working with bleach can also pose a health and safety risk. With deColourant, you don't have to worry about that.  

Does the name deColourant come from another brand?
deColourant was the name of a product manufactured by Harbor Sales. Harbor Sales' deColourant was very similar to Jacquard's Discharge Paste. Jacquard has been offering Discharge Paste for a long time  and over these years many of the customers have expressed that while they love the product, the name  "Discharge Paste" is unpleasant. "Discharge" is the technical term for removing colour from dyed fabrics, but it has a negative connotation outside the world of textiles. When Harbor Sales asked if Jacquard would be interested in taking on the name and product line of deColourant, they seized the opportunity.  

Is deColourant by Jacquard different from the Harbor Sales' original product?
The only difference is that Jacquard's product is not scented with citrus as was the case with Harbor Sales.

Is the newly branded deColourant product different from the previous Jacquard product Discharge Paste?
The only difference is that the new deColourant product is significantly stronger than the original Discharge Paste (and therefore tends to work better!). The flow properties are also slightly different, but if anything, they have improved.  

What happened to the other deColourant products by Harbor Sales?
Harbor Sales used to offer deColourant, deColourant Mist, deColourant Plus (a colour paste) and deColourant SP (for screen printing) an. The latter two products have been discontinued and are no longer available. However, deColourant Plus can be easily reproduced by mixing deColourant or deColourant Mist with one of the Jacquard paints like Dye-Na-Flow or Textile Color. Jacquard's deColourant is also excellent for screen printing.  

I tried deColourant on a natural fabric that I did not dye myself and it did not work. Why not? 
Not all dyes are dischargeable. Some can be discharged to white, while others will not discharge at all.  That is why we always recommend testing the fabric first, if possible. You never know what commercial textiles and garments have been dyed with. If you want consistent results, dye the fabric yourself with a dye that you know is dischargeable (we can recommend a few: DEKA L, DYPRO, idye Natural), or use a brand you trust.  

Does deColourant only work on fabrics?

deColourant can be used on any coloured natural surface (again, not all colours are dischargeable). For example, it works well on most craft papers. It will not work on pigmented paper or painted surfaces. 

Do deColourant and deColourant Mist need to dry before heating?
When heating, there must be moisture to activate the chemical reaction. Therefore, heating works better when the print is still wet. As the print dries, it becomes more and more important to use steam when ironing. 

Do I have to wash my fabric immediately after heating? How long can I wait? 
Once the print has been heated and the colour has been satisfactorily removed from the fabric, there is no hurry to remove deColourant.

Can I add colour to deColourant ? Which products work well for colouring deColourant?
Adding paints and inks to deColourant is a great way to work additively and subtractively at the same time! If you mix deColourant with a transparent paint such as Jacquard's Dye-Na-Flow, you get incredibly bright colours on black fabric, which is always a challenge for textile artists. Try combining deColourant with Neopaque, Textile Color, Airbrush Color, Dye-Na-Flow, screen printing inks or other water-based paints. 

What is the ideal heat/temperature for discharging my fabric?
Use the highest temperature suitable for the fabric type. Using steam will also facilitate the reaction. 

What do I do if I spill deColourant or if it gets into an area where I do not want it?
deColourant is easily removed with water and is only activated through heating. So if you get some on an unwanted part of the fabric, just wash it out! 

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