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Clear Protective Cover (for Manila Tag XXL)

Clear vinyl cover (perforated) - for safe storing of Manila Tags, cards, photos ✔︎ Professional quality in 16 x 11cm ✔︎ more
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Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

The protective cover for your shipping tags

Even a light drizzle can ruin the notes on your shipping tags! 
This clear vinyl cover is very popular as a protection for Manila Tags size XXL.   

Attach and exchange

The transparent cover can be attached with a safety pin directly to the costume or with a rubber band to the hanger. 
The cover has an easily accessible opening for a quick exchange of the cards. 

Excellent for continuity or fitting photos and much more ... 

This cover can be used in many ways: 
• Thanks to the handy size you can use this transparent vinyl cover to store continuity or fitting photos (photos from the Canon photo printer fit perfectly, as well as all standard postcard sizes). 
• Shops love them to display indication and sale signs or price tags.  
• Endless possibilities in DIY: photo mobiles, postcard collections, picture frames and many more

Article details

• Material: vinyl with perforation and reinforced edges 
• Outer measures (L x W): 180 x 130mm
• Pocket size (L x W): 160 x 108mm
• Colour: transparent

Printed Manila Tags, rubber bands, clothes and safety pins are not part of the delivery (only decoration!) 

Selling unit: 1 piece

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April 8, 2020 07:05

Super professionell

Mit diesen Hüllen wird dem Kostüm das i-Pünktchen aufgesetzt. Nie wieder Wasserschäden ;-) Die Anhänger werden geschützt und fallen auch mehr auf. Die Schutzhüllen kann man immer wieder verwenden.

July 29, 2018 17:28

Immer am Kostüm

Unsere Manila Anhänger werden grundsätzlich mit den transparenten Hüllen geschützt. Diese Größe habe ich lange gesucht, da sie im Handel nicht erhältlich ist. Mal wieder ein einzigartiges Produkt bei Patin-A. Wir lieben Euch ❤️


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