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Hot Water Bottle - Hoppsy the Bunny 0,8 l

An adorable soft fluffy bunny with a 0.8 l hot water bottle in the tummy ❤︎ Warms and comforts you ❤︎ Quality Made in Germany ❤︎ more
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Content: 1 Piece

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Sooo cute and sooo warm

Hoppsy - the cosiest bunny on earth - with a 0.8 l rubber hot water bottle in its tummy.
Bunny Hoppsy is a funny, thick cuddly toy and at the same time a hot water bottle.
Whether children on the set or adults - everyone makes friends immediately with this rabbit!

Hoppsys inner values

The opening for the hot water bottle is on the back (with a zipper) incl. a 0.8 l hot water bottle.
Hoppsy can be machine washed at 30°C.  

Neat work

It’s a 100% natural rubber Sänger hot water bottle - and we can guarantee it’s plasticizers free!
The bottle body is one piece moulded and cannot burst as it has no seams any more (this is typical of the usual cheap bottles). 

Article details

• Material hot water bottle: 100% natural rubber
• Material animal cover: 100% polyester
• washable at 30°C
• Capacity bottle: 0.8 l
• Size animal cover: 45 cm
• This hot water bottle has a metal thread
• The PATIN-A Shop also carries replacement stoppers.


Selling unit: 1 soft toy with 0.8 l hot water bottle

Why a hot water bottle?

A study explains the effect 

Hot water bottles not only give off warmth on those cold days, they can also soothe pain. Medical research has revealed that this household remedy can actually relieve from abdominal pain and period pains, just like pain killers. If the skin is warmed up to 40°C near the painful area, this activates the heat receptors of your skin which block the effect of the pain receptors.

Study conducted by University College London, Great Britain.

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October 20, 2020 14:44


super cute hot water bottle, great for long cold nights, really good quality for the price

November 8, 2019 14:44


Ich habe die Wärmflasche für meine kleine Tochter gekauft. Sie ist von Hoppsy total begeistert und trennt sich nicht mehr davon. Die Wärmflasche hilft ihr am Abend besser einzuschlafen.

November 5, 2017 15:30

Süßer Hase

Hase Hopsy ist wirklich kuschelig weich und soooo schön! Ein wunderschönes Geschenk für jedes Alter.


0.8 L Rubber Hot Water Bottle - Saenger
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Content: 2 Piece (€1.33* / 1 Piece)

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