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Wonderful warmth on the entire body

Cosy warmth immediately!

We are thrilled that we could complete our Thermopad Warmers Collection this year with three new products.
In addition to the popular Hand, Toe and Sole Warmers (now also available in XL), we now carry an excellent Neck Warmer and the perfect Heat Belt in our range.
Before including then in our range, we had the new warmers tested by a small group of 20 people and all testers absolutely loved them!

Thermopad neue Produkte 2017

What is so special about Thermopad Warmers?

The warmed area is much larger than the one single little warmers would cover.
Moreover, the heat lasts much longer. The belts heat for a minimum of 12 hours at a temperature of approx. 42 °C - all our testers noticed a much longer heating capacity - for over 14 hours in most cases. This is a big advantage for film shootings, as one single heat belt lasts for a whole shooting day.

These heat pouches work particularly well on areas that suffer frequently from tensions. And it is also a well-known fact that warmth really helps against discomfort and tensions.
As the pads are fixed directly onto the skin, resp. held with a belt on one spot, the heat can penetrate really deeply.
The heat belt also warms the kidneys and so your entire body is warmed.

Thermopad Nackenwärmer und Rücken-Wärmegürtel in der Anwendung

Complicated to put on?

Stick the neck warmer on the dry, grease free skin (make sure not to apply lotion or cream on your skin). If you sweat, dry the area and fix the warmer again - don’t panic, it will stick again and again!
The Thermopad Heat Belt is very easy to fix! It fits absolutely all sizes as it is extremely extensible and even a large waist or stomach is no problem.
Watch the video - you need just a few seconds to put the heat belt on.

Why Thermopad and not Thermacare?

Thermacare is a great product that has been for years the number one for heat belts and neck warmers.
But we believe that the time has come to make these products available for EVERYONE at a „normal“ price.
A Thermacare belt heats for approximately 8 hours, the Thermopad belt for at least 12 hours.
The unbeatable advantage is not only the price, but the longer heat output.

You won’t have to pay an exorbitant price like at the chemist’s, and we have the Thermopads in stock all year round in large quantities (prices for the heat belt start at 3.10 euros and for the neck warmer at 1.45 euros).
A film set team with a large number of actors does not have to browse through all the drugstores in the area any more to get the required quantity of heat belts. Our low prices are also very budget friendly.

The other warmers:

A lot has happened in our standard range, too:
The sole warmers are now available in three sizes (S - L & XL) and since the middle of May 2017, the heat output of the heating products is much longer.
Hand warmers now warm for 12 hours (from 1.19 euro)
Toe warmers now warm for 8 hours (from 1.29 euro)
Body warmers now warm for 12 hours (from 1.19 euro)
Sole warmers now warm for 8 hours (from 2.19 euro)

and the best thing is: the prices have remained the same for 10 years!

Aktuelle Thermopad Wärmer: Handwärmer, Zehenwärmer, Bodywärmer, Sohlenwärmer, Nackenwärmer, Wärmegürtel


Wishing you a ‚relaxing‘ and cosy time with the wonderful heat products by Thermopad.

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