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This blog shows how to patinate correctly, gives tips for the work in the costume department, shows the newest trends and introduces products and their use.
The main focus lies on costume distressing, leather working and textile dyeing. We show trends of the trade and aids for costume design.

Liquid Kicks Top Coats - a new era for sealing surfaces has begun

from: PATIN-A | 24.08.21 | (0)
Liquid Kicks Top Coats - a new era for sealing surfaces has begun

We  would like to introduce a very special product line that urgently deserves your attention.  
It's the Liquid Kicks „Finishes“ - Top Coats - water based lacquer sealers for almost all surfaces.

The finishing touch: the sealing

Until now, for finishing products you only had a choice between a 'matt' or a 'shiny' leather surface. 
A really dull matt finish was just as difficult to create as a really high gloss finish.  
The next difficulty was the elasticity and flexibility of the finish: a sports shoe has different needs in terms of stretchability than a leather suitcase. 
In recent years, sneakers designed by artists have become very popular collector's items and streetwear. 
Especially with paintings on shoes, it is essential that paint and protective coatings do not crack, flake or break. 

This is why Jeff Chamberlain, a sneaker artist from the USA, designed a new, unprecedented complex product line including a primer, a colour blocker, a leather filler and four incredibly awesome finishes.  
This allowed artists who specialise in painting on kicks to finally create the works of art that were previously not possible.  
Within a very short time, Liquid Kicks has risen to become one of the most important manufacturer of finishes in the sneaker scene.

The special feature of the Liquid Kicks Top Coats are the high performance hybrid acrylic polyurethane resins on a water base. They are responsible for the high elasticity and flexibility of the product line.  

Here you can see results on different types of leather:

LK - Liquid Kicks - Top Finishes on black Leather by PATIN-A

LK - Liquid Kicks - Top Finishes on bordeaux Leather by PATIN-A

LK - Liquid Kicks - Top Finishes on brown Leather by PATIN-A

LK - Liquid Kicks - Top Finishes on white Leather by PATIN-A


Liquid Kicks - a special product line:

It features four special finishes that not only give leather a phenomenal look but also almost all surfaces, including canvas, cotton, linen, silk etc.  

Liquid Kicks - Set

There are four different top coats:
• Flat Top Coat
• Matte Top Coat
• Factory Top Coat
• Gloss Top Coat

Liquid Kicks Flat Top Coat (super matt)

LK - Liquid Kicks - Flat Topcoat by PATIN-A
Flat Finish is an extra matt, dull top coat.
Flat Finish is the mattest elastic top coat on the market. 
It allows you to create extremely cool and unusual coatings on sneakers and other products.  

Liquid Kicks Matte Top Coat (matt gloss)

LK - Liquid Kicks - Matte Topcoat by PATIN-A
Matte Finish is a matt glossy top coat.
Matte Finish gives a matt coating with a soft shine - or should it rather be called a slight shimmer. 
It's a very refined top coat for premium products.  

• Liquid Kicks Factory Top Coat (silk gloss)

LK - Liquid Kicks - Factory Topcoat by PATIN-A
Factory Finish creates a silky glossy top coat.
Factory Finish impresses with its noble appearance and is unique on the market in function and composition. 
It gives shoes and leather surfaces the popular look (silk gloss is very sought after for hand bags, belts, boots, furniture etc.)

• Liquid Kicks Gloss Top Coat (super gloss)

LK - Liquid Kicks - Gloss Topcoat by PATIN-A
Gloss Finish is a super strong glossy top coat.
Gloss Finish is a super gloss varnish that is perfectly suitable for special projects. 
Unlike usual gloss finishes, it remains elastic and does not break. 
You get an incredibly classy surface.  

Liquid Kicks has developed important products for preparation and painting. These are: Primer, Intercoat Clear Layer and Pinhole Filler.

Liquid Kicks Primer

LK - Liquid Kicks - Primer by PATIN-A
Primer is the ultimate base coat for your paint! 
Using a primer is absolutely essential before painting a shoe.  
Through a chemical process, the primer bonds with the surface and makes your paint adhere perfectly to it!  
Any paint can be applied on the dry surface. Suitable for leather, vinyl, canvas, cotton and silk. 

Liquid Kicks Intercoat Clear Layer

LK - Liquid Kicks - Intercoat by PATIN-A
Intercoat Clear Layer is an important product for anyone working with several paints and paint layers - it creates a perfect barrier between paint layers. 
Some paints have the property to dissolve already dried paints and bond with them. The result is an unclean picture - fatal for airbrush works! LK Intercoat Clear Layer forms an invisible, clear film (intermediate coat or blocker) that prevents chemical reactions and bleeding between paint layers.  

Liquid Kicks Pinhole Filler

LK - Liquid Kicks - Pinhole Filler by PATIN-A
Pinhole Filler is a super strong leather filler that makes thread holes disappear and repairs scars and scratches. 
LK Pinhole Filler is very durable, flexible, stretchable and can be sanded and painted over. 

Liquid Kicks Logo

Whether leather sealing on shoes, clothes or everyday things - you now have a wide choice of awesome finishes that follow your every movement.  

Try them out - you will be thrilled!


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