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PATIN-A Blog – Based on Experience

This blog shows how to patinate correctly, gives tips for the work in the costume department, shows the newest trends and introduces products and their use.
The main focus lies on costume distressing, leather working and textile dyeing. We show trends of the trade and aids for costume design.

New in: Leather Tools at PATIN-A

from: PATIN-A | 22.04.17 | (0)
Leather tools at PATIN-A

May we introduce to you: Our new leather toolsu2028

A category in our shop has been filled with new life recently: leather tools.

In addition to our vast selection of Fiebing’s leather dyes and our Selzer punch pliers, we are now offering in the PATIN-A shop many useful tools round about leather working.

From premium embossing mallets to various punches and chisels, knives, bevelers, gouges and burnishing tools - virtually everything can be found here.
No matter if you are a professional or a beginner in leather working - we guarantee that you will find the right tool at PATIN-A - plus tips and instructions for use.

Just come in and browse at Tools for Leather Working 

Lederwerkzeuge: Hammer, Schlageisen

Mallets, Punches, Chiselsu2028

Raw Hide Mallet: A premium quality embossing mallet for any punching job.
Manufactured from the raw hide of a water buffalo, this hammer comes in four sizes and is very gentle to the material.

Oblong Punches: Oblong punches are mostly used for leather works that feature a buckle. Professional leather crafters use the oblong punches for manufacturing belts, dog collars or leather pieces enhanced by ribbons.

Punch Sets: The mini and maxi set contain 6 punching dies each in different sizes for lacing holes, eyelets & co. The dies are very easy to change.

Punches: We offer these punches for round holes with integrated punched leather ejection in 11 sizes. You can position the punches anywhere on the leather piece and punch clean holes for lacing, belts or buttons in no time.

Diamond Stitching Chisel: The longish prongs are tapered and very pointed at the end (diamond shaped) for accurate holes in leather. Diamond stitching chisels are mostly used for seam holes.

Lacing Chisel: It is now child’s play to punch lacing slits in leather. There is a choice of four different versions (one prong, four prongs, four prongs oblique or eight prongs), for punching single holes or lacing holes in a row.

Strap End Punch: With this tool, also called belt end punch, you can create beautiful belt ends in seconds. The sharp blade cuts the leather very easily. Belt makers have a choice of three different versions: pointed, round or oval.

Embossing mallet (Poly mallet): The weight of this premium hammer is so well balanced that you will achieve precise power transmission on the punching tool. With its polymer head, it is the most popular embossing mallet.


Lederwerkzeuge: Hobel, Messer, Modellierwerkzeuge

Planes, Knives & Modeling Tools 

Modeling Tools: Each one of the three modeling tools comes with two modeling options. Type 1 with a tip and ball is mostly used for markings or lines on leather. Types 2 & 3 with spoons however are good for finer or coarser modeling.

Precision Graphic Cutter: This cutter in professional quality is an all-rounder. It cuts plastic, paper, foil and even thin leather.

Swivel Knife: For good reasons this top quality embossing knife is one of the most popular tools for decorations or carvings. With a little practice you can easily carve curves, arcs and circles into the leather.

Adjustable V-Gouge: It’s an easy to handle leather plane in the shape of a die cast block. It is often used for creating neat folds. The little wheel is for adjusting the depth of the cut.

Safety Beveler: It is very easy to shave off frayed leather layers with this excellent leather tool. This beveler works like a peeler and thins out leather slowly and carefully.

Super Skiver: With this knife, you can thin leather evenly and softly, as though by a child’s hand. The ergonomically shaped handle ensures easy and clean skiving. This leather planer can also be used for chamfering leather ends and leather edges.

 Lederwerkzeuge: Messen und Polieren

Measuring & Polishing Tools 

Stainless Steel Ruler: There are a lot of different rulers. This one has a cork back that prevents slipping off. This ruler shows metric units and also an inch scale.

Circle Edge Slicker: A simple tool with a great effect - the circle edge slicker. You place it on the leather edge with the U shaped groove. The rolling motion makes the leather edge soft and supple. Depending on the duration of application, you can achieve different smoothing degrees.

Wood Slicker: The wood slicker is most of all an edge slicker and can be used on thin or multi layered leather edges. The ends of the tool are very useful too for ejecting leather.

Steel Square: This tool comes in handy not only for drawing straight lines but also 90° degree angles. It shows both metric units and inches. An extremely solid and robust square.

Leather Strop: The double sided strop allows to sharpen blades of any kind for precise cuts into leather. It is suited for blades of swivel or cutting knives as well as for ceramic blades and that makes it the perfect polishing tool.

 Lederwerkzeuge: Nähwerkzeuge und Rillenzieher

Tools for Sewing & Sewing Preparation

Creaser: It’s easy to achieve professional seam lines or clean decoration lines with the adjustable creaser. Two parallel lines can be drawn with this tool. Thanks to the adjustable screw, the distance between the lines can be easily varied.

Leather Awl: The 4 in 1 leather awl set comes with four blades for various leather works. A lacing fid blade, a scratch awl blade and two awl blades allow precise work on many of your leather pieces.

Edge Beveler: Square edges can now easily be rounded or beveled. Just pull the edge beveler over the leather edge to shave off some leather. You will achieve a smooth and soft edge.

Groover: The groover is for drawing precise sewing and stitch lines in the leather. It can also be used for beautiful neat decoration lines. Most of all it is used for sewing preparation.

Seam Marker: You will get the best marks for seam holes with this seam marker. Use it in combination with a groover and a leather awl to achieve clean holes in leather and a beautiful seam. Three interchangeable spacing wheels allow to vary the distance between holes.

Sewing Awl: The perfect little helper for sewing works on leather. Thanks to the sharp needle for pre-pricking holes and the yarn spool fixed in the tool, sewing will be fast and accurate.


We wish you great success with your next project!


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